Victory advancing left holding wreath and palm

T14T14 Valentinian II, Aquileia, 18-16 mm.

Struck for Gratian, Valentinian II, and Theodosius.
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Comment: This AE3 type is very rare and seldom offered (in spite of RIC listing some varieties as "Scarce".)
Do not confuse it with the similar AE4, Type 12, which is very common, especially from the Siscia mint.


mint RIC G V2 T
Tr 70 4 S  
Ar 22   S  
Aq 34 2 S 2
Rom 48 2 S 3
Th 41   R  

RIC no photos.

Cayon, no photos. G-73, V2-67,68, T-64.
Hunter V2-83.17 (Rome)

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