Type 13:  AE3.  VRBS ROMA
Roma seated left, holding Victory on globe.
Only for Valentinian II. Common.

Valentinian II, Antioch.
18 mm. 12:00. 2.15 grams.

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mint RIC V2
Nic 34 R
Ant 51 C

RIC photos:  XIV.8 (Ant 51). XVI.4 (Nic 34, poor).

Cayon, no photos.  V2-66. Hunter V2-84.52 (Ant).

Antioch   Antioch. 19mm. 12:00.
Antioch  Antioch. 17mm. 6:00.

The overwhelming majority of coins of this type are from Antioch. The next two, from the only other mint, Nicomedia, are rare.


  RIC Nicomedia 34 var.
  18-17 mm. 11:30. 2.25 grams.
   This example far excels the RIC plate coin, plate XVI.4, which is poor. 
   SMNB in exergue.
   This one is an unlisted minor variety, with dot in field right. RIC lists a star, but not a dot.


  RIC Nicomedia 34, SMNB
  18-16 mm. 12:00. 2.95 grams.
  palm branch in field left, star in field right.

This example is also far better than the RIC plate coin.


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