Here is the junk box, with unattributed coins "to pick" for low prices. 

Anyone in the US can order any, or all, of these coins. My main site is: 

To order, or just ask a question, write me at:  . If that is all you order, shipping ( US addresses only) will be $2 + $1 for each additional coin. I take PayPal to that e-mail address. 

The ones that sold will be noted between the obverse and reverse photos.

Pair #1 of photos. $5, your choice.  

top left sold

Pair #2 of photos:  $5 your choice.

top left sold, top row, second from left, and top right sold


Pair #3 of photos:  Lower left, $14. Upper right, $15. The rest, $8 to pick.




Pair #5 of photos: $5 to pick. 

lower middle:  gone



Pair #6 of photos:  Upper right is a Claudius sestertius badly corroded and cleaned, $6.  Else $5 to pick.  

Upper left and lower left, gone. 


Orders sent to US addresses only.