XV VIR SACR FAC, tripod-lebes with dolphin above and raven below.
"quindecimvir sacris faciundis"
Denarius. 20-19 mm. 3.42 grams.
Emperor Vitellius, AD 69, Jan. 2 to Dec. 20. Struck April 19 to the beginning of May at Rome, according to RIC.
"This type--tripod, dolphin, and raven--suggests Apollo, god of prophecy."  [BMC ccxxiv] "Presumably recording his immediate election into the principal priestly colleges." [RIC page 265]
The care of the Sibylline prophecies was the chief function of this college, which is not celebrated on coins of any other emperor.

Sear I 2201 variety. RIC I Vitellius 70.  BMC 3.

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