Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus who reigned 193-211 and mother of Caracalla who reigned 196-198-217.
Denarius. 19-17 mm. 3.23 grams.
MATRI DEVM, Cybele standing half left, leaning on column, holding globe and scepter, lion at feet. [A lion, or lions, usually accompany Cybele]
RIC 382 "211-217" (i.e. under Caracalla)
Hill 1329 "212"
Sear II. --, but close to 6594.
Ex Spink "The Michael Kelly Collection of Roman Coins, part 2." 

"Romans knew Cybele as Magna Mater ("Great Mother")", according to Wikipedia. Her role as a goddess is hard to pin down. One aspect is "mother of the gods." Perhaps Julia actually regarded Cybele as important as a goddess. However, in my opinion, I think Julia appropriated the idea of "mother of the gods" because she had sons (Caracalla and Geta) who were emperors and emperors were (pretty close to) gods. 


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