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   Excerpted from CT's ancients forum. They are a personal selection of mine from posts began August 16 to October 13, 2019 (and a few later). Many topics are not addressed on this page, but CT has a good search engine and you can probably find posts on any topic you have in mind. For current threads, see here: .  Search at the upper right.

  Threads are linked to because, in my opinion, they
1)  Illustrate a collectable theme 
2)  Respond to concerns many collectors have
3)  Go deeper into some interesting topic you have heard of but don't know much about 
4)  Have an especially informative initial post

They are categorized as for Beginners, about general Roman and particular emperors, about both Roman and Greek,  Byzantineother seriesMedieval.


Beginners  (See page 1 for threads about how to begin collecting ancient coins)

Ancients as an Investment
    My own page on coins as an investment:

Avoiding fakes
   My own page on avoiding fakes on eBay:

Attractive ancient coins can cost under $25


Roman, mostly Particular Emperors

The rape of the Sabine Women (Republican coins)

Caesar's elephant and snake


Trajan: the Best Emperor and the Mystery of the River God

Hadrian visits Africa

Antoninus Pius

Julia Domna

Trajan Decius DIVI series

Severina, wife of Aurelian

Crispus, son of Constantine

Julian's bull type

Titus restored types of earlier emperors

The Roman mint of Lugdunum (Lyons)

Figures viewed from the rear

VOTA coins of the Roman Empire

Coins that are unusually-well-rendered for the type

Coins with Pax (Peace) personified:

Representing the sack of Rome in 410 AD in your collection (this is a wonderful thread)


Test cuts and banker's marks (an outstanding explantion on the second page)


Greek and Roman

Coins with Pegaus

Unusual headgear


A Introduction to Byzantine Coins

Beautiful Byzantine coins in members' collections

Late Byzantine cup-shaped coins

Other Series:


Coins of the Kingdom of the Bosporus (in the North Black Sea Area)

Indo-Sasanian coins evolve from Sasanian coins of Peroz



Coins of the Normans

Coins from all of Spain's history before 1500

Coins of the Vikings

The spread of the Black Death and a few realted coins


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