Quotations about ancient imitations from ancient sources

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Blake Davis found this quote for me:

     Cassius Dio's History of Rome, Volume VI, Book 78 (Book 77 in some editions), p.20, para. 14 (Life of
Caracalla as epitomized):

     Many also of the people close to the ocean itself , near the mouth of the Albis, sent envoys to him [Caracalla] and asked his friendship, when their real concern was to get money.  For after he had done as they desired, they would frequently attack him, threatening to begin a war; and with all such he came to terms.  Even though his offer was contrary to their principles, yet when they saw the gold pieces they were captivated.  To them he gave true gold pieces, but the silver and gold money which he provided the Romans was alloyed.  He manufactured one of lead with a silver plating and the other of bronze with a gold plating.
Translated by Herbert Baldwin Foster, Pafraet's Book Company 1905 ed.  The book also contained a handwritten
note dated March 6, 1922 from one of the librarians--history within history:
     This passage is quite interesting and would appear to favor those who believe that fouree's were regular mint issues. The other interesting part of the passage is Dio's contempt for the emperor based on his paying off the barbarians.  I believe, however, that this was a pretty common practice, done even by Augustus(?). Dio would have little reason to think that anything Caracalla did was good given the atrocities mentioned in the rest of the work. Also, I think the "Albis" is another name for the Danube, which would mean that the "ocean" referred to was the Black Sea.
About Greek coins.

Aristophanes mentions the test of ringing (plated coins make a different sound when struck) in his play The Frogs:
            "(coins) alone are struck clearly and proven true by ringing."

Herodotus notes that, after the Lacedaemonians had beseiged Samos for forth days, Polycrates, the tryant os Samos, "bribed them to depart by giving them a great number of gilt leaden coins, as a native currency."

                                    Herodotus III.56 (translated by Godley, Loeb Classical Library)

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