Post-reform imitations
    (after the coin reform of AD 348)

In AD 350, in opposition to Magnentius who was marching eastward, Vetranio was declared Augustus by his troops in the Balkans.  Vetranio remained loyal to Constantius II who was away fighting in the East. His types were issued in his name and in the name of Constantius II, and were continued in the name of Constantius II after Vetranio's peaceable abdication on December 25, 350, and in the name of Constantius Gallus after Gallus became Caesar in March 351.

His first type, issued 1 March 350 - 25 Dec. 350 expressed CONCORDIA MILITVM:


Official issue in the name of Constantius II.
AE25.  6:00.  4.78 grams
DN CONSTAN-TIVS PF AVG with A behind bust right, diademed, draped, and curiassed.
    /CONCORDIA MILITVM, emperor holding two standards with chi-rhos, A is field left
    mintmark:  [gamma]SIS*
S--, RIC VIII, Siscia 276, page 369.

imitation Constantius II

AE21 (4 mm smaller than the large AE2 original above -- these two images are on the same scale).  12:00.  3.30 grams.
Obverse letters suggest most of the original legend, including CONST ...PF AVG
    No A behind head.
    /CON [reversed]COR....MILITVM somewhat blundered, A in field left, B in field right.
    Mintmark a garbled "TS[reversed]H" which is an attempt at "TSA" for Thessalonica.
    Prototype:  RIC VIII page 414, Thessalonica 130, which does has the same field marks on the reverse.
Prototype dated 1 March - 25 December 350.

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