Imitations of Julian's "bull" type

Julian II (Caesar 355-360, Augustus 360-363) issued a famous large AE1 "bull" type 361-363. The official pieces (see the image) measure about 27 to 29 mm. Crude imitations were issued with a smaller module. According to Bastien (ANSMN 1985, p. 156), "imitations of this type are relatively rare."

The prototype:


Prototype example:  DN FL CL IVLI-ANVS PF AVG
    /SECVRITAS REIPVB , eagle before bull
    /PCONST<dot> in exergue.


Julian II imitations:

Julian II bull imitation, 28 mm  AE28. 5:30. 8.55 grams
An unusually large full-sized imitation.
Reasonably good style. Letter like forms make a nearly-recognizable legend.
    /CONSP<delta> in exergue
Prototype:  RIC Constantinople 162, plate 23.

bull   AE24. 6:00. 6.49 grams.

   AE24. DNIL...AVG, diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right
    /....S REIPVB, weak mintmark, possibly LVGDOFFS, as RIC Lugdunum 236, plate 6

bull   AE23-20. 7:00. 5.62 grams.

Not legible, bust right (much corrosion)
    /clear bull and two stars, mint mark obscure

References:  Boon --.  Bastien ANSMN 1985 #50-51, plate 44.
Prototype:  Sear 4072. RIC Lugdunum 236, plate 6, and others, including this prototype illustrated above, RIC Sirmium 106 struck "Summer 361- 26 June 363."

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