Constantine II/GLORIA EXERCITVS, one standard, with chi-rho

Constantine II/GLORIA EXERCITVS, one standard   AE 17. 1:00. 1.87 grams.
Official issue. Siscia mint.
    /chi-rho on standard, ESIS in exergue
When he because Augustus upon his father's death in 337, Constantine II assumed the titles of his father, making his initial legends as Augustus exactly the same as Constantine's last legends. We can tell this is Constantine II and not Constantine because the other coins in the same issue have Constans and Constantinus II as Augusti, not as Caesars. This type is, in ignorance, often misrepresented as a "Christian type of Constantine." None of the coins of Siscia with the chi-rho are from the reign of Constantine.
RIC Siscia 85, "AD 337-340".

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