eBay fakesellers of ancient coins

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eBay sellers who sell too many fake ancient coins to trust, in the opinions of members of the Coin Forgery Discussion List at https://groups.io/g/CFDL/messages).  This page addresses only ancient coins, not US coins or anything else. 
Revised April 4, 2024.  

Note added Sept. 28, 2021:  Many fakes are offered on Facebook:  https://www.greysheet.com/news/story/three-numismatic-groups-admonish-facebook-about-ads-offering-counterfeits.  This fakesellers page does not address fakesellers on Facebook.

Note added Sept. 27, 2021:  Almost all coins on eBay attributed to the late Roman emperor Eugenius on eBay are modern fakes. They are not even close to deceptive if you know what a real one looks like, but so many (hundreds?) of fakes of Eugenius coins have flooded eBay that you might think they are normal. They are not.
Here is one modern fake Eugenius: 

Note added August 7, 2023:
Here is a fake quinarius of Carinus that I am seeing again and again: 


Con men gravitate to eBay. eBay has many good sellers, but also very many criminal sellers. Any criminal in the world can set up an eBay username and try to make a buck by selling fakes to innocent buyers. Many do and there is little we can do about it other than not become vicitims. 

To avoid buying fakes on eBay the most useful things you can do are:

1)  Avoid sellers listed below on this page, and on Forum's fakesellers list: 

2)  If you question a particular coin, look at
which allows people to post fakes they have spotted. Go there and enter in the identification (for example, the name of the Roman emperor or the name of the Greek city) in the search box.

3) Look at the seller's other items. If some of those are fakes, the coin you are interested in might well be a fake too. 

4) Be aware that 100% feedback is not a guarantee that the coins are genuine. It is amazing how many fakesellers have very high feedback ratings.

eBay does not oust sellers who are reported as selling fakes. Some of us report fakes to eBay and they don't do anything about it to protect buyers. Most experts have given up reporting fakesellers to eBay because eBay does nothing. They claim they are "just a venue" and cannot be responsible for criminal activity on their site. What you can do it take our advice.

Here is a page which has more about avoiding fake ancient coins:  http://augustuscoins.com/ed/numis/fakes.html

For regular consideration of active eBay coin listings, join the Coin Forgery Discussion List.
Of course, eBay does not retain auction photos for long, so the evidence is mostly in contemporary discussions on the CFDL.
If you want to report an eBay seller of fakes, join that list and report the seller there.

For ancient artifacts that are not coins, join the AncientArtifacts group: https://groups.io/g/AncientArtifacts

About the list on this page.  

Even the major honest dealers can make a mistake and offer a fake, but their mistakes are rare. They are not listed here. This list is limited to dealers who have made too many mistakes to trust (and a large number of outright criminals).

Some of these fakesellers also sell large numbers of genuine coins, but a bit too often slip up and sell fakes (often of more-expensive types than their other coins). Given the large number of honest sellers, it is recommended you avoid sellers who sell fakes, even if a coin looks okay (It may be a deceptive fake).

Names of dealers ousted from eBay have not been removed. Fakesellers who become known or have poor feedback often retire their username and return under a different name.



10nikolaos  (lots of Greek fakes, July 2016)
11.manolito  (sells mostly modern coins. In 2017, December, one ancient among five is a cast fake with bubble holes visible.)
11avgustcollectibles11  (numerous fakes and impossible types, some well done. Early 2014)
123polipat  (imperial bronzes and Julian II fakes, Sept. 2014)
123dealswithme (weak deails on cast fakes, Feb. 2015)
19connorj92  (new, Dec. 2014, with three Greek silver fakes)
2010apocalisse   (Dec. 2012, many not-very-deceptive denarius imitations of the sort offered by mangizite-2008 )
2014mitsotakis  (April, 2015, fake denarii of Hadrian and Domitian)
2014nobonch  (new seller, Sept. 2014, his individual silver coins are fakes. Dec. 2014, he has some genuine AE, but the "better" silver is fake)
24speed  (numerous fakes of Roman coins, Dec. 2014)
2rooks  (2019, has a fake Honoris silver miliarense at close to $700 without saying it is fake. 2017, Dec. some high-value types faked, Honorius miliaresion, dekadrachm, not labled as reproductions, and many reproductions labeled as such.)
rooks  (honestly sells replicas as replicas, but you might not notice)
3032claude  (over time, some fakes and tooled coins. A sestertius Jan. 1, 2014)
4erepa  (2021, Sept. numerous fakes.)
911razor (2020, Oct. Fake Republican denarii, Tiberius denarius, Trajan, etc. All fakes)
7879teri  (2022, August)  All fakes. Mostly eastern types--Baktria, Parthia, etc.) 
9538michaelchristian  (I don't claim he is a fakeseller. I don't know why, but he blocks my bids.)

aa_2101*   (new seller of only fakes 2/9/11)
abachevak  (2019, Nov. Deceptive rarities starting very low. Marciniana, Labienus.) 
abdel2009  (fake denarii with flat reverse fields, August 2012)
abja.antics    (2019, June. Tourist fakes. Syracuse tetradrachm, Lysicachus, c. etall starting low. Very low feedback, too)
ace-antiques  (2108, June. Fake Hadrian denarius, Galba and Vitellius sestertii. All fakes.)
actarus667  (2017 Dec. Some well-done high end fakes including Caracalla/Circus Maximus sestertius)
adekatinoko724    (2018. June. All obvious fakes)
adhocnum  (10/15/10 cast lousy fakes)
aeternitas-coins  (2018August. All fakes. Owls, 12 Caesars, Paulina sestertius, others. None very deceptive.)
air1881  (Dec. 20, 2013, many sestertii with problems--tooling, doubtful, etc.)
aitnacoins  "Most of bronze coins offered by aitnacoins have artificial patina and are very-very suspicious."  His silver is fake. Gold cast fakes. Definitely a fakeseller, although he strongly denies it. Many doubtful Silician copper. "An increasing volume of bronze fakes".
akhyu-0   (2022, Sept. Roman coin fakes, Hadrian denarius, Caracalla sestertius, Anglo-Saxon, Didia Clara, etc.) 
albkusugelry  (slovenia, 3/28/2010)
aledush201717  (2018, March. Fakes denarii and ants of Trajan, Hadrian, Tiberius, Vespasian, Philip I, etc. Good style but lots of weakness typical of castas)
aleksandarcollectibles2018  (2018, June. New name of aledush201717. Good style but weakness typical of casts.  Four Otho denarii, Republican, etc.  July 1018 the named changed to dimitristesalon)
alexa026   (2-016 Sept, a "gently smoothed" Hadrian travel sestertius that is either fully fake or very seriously tooled. 2017, April. A fake Vespasian sestertius "PERFECT".)
(2020, Nov. All the "ancient" coins are modern reproductions. He writes, "Monnaie Monnayage d'aspect Antique" which means "coins that look old" [but are not])
alexander_art_classic   (2019, Jan. Fake gorgon, fake Augustus denarius)
alexisale  (several fake Greek AR 10/16/10)
algot_29  (2020, Nov. Fake Caligula, Hardia, argenteus, Crispina -- everything at this time was fake)
Alibali_445  (cast fakes of expensive types, 10/24/10)
altinkilicsales  (Turkey. July 16, 2010)
alwa_mrsf   (2019, Jan. Fake Pertinax and others. Dec. Fake Julian II, Eugenius. Some genuine but vastly overpriced coins.)
amorcoins713 (2017 Jan fake gold coins)
amsatoudaniel (2017, March.  Admits his coins are "possible replicas." Most are pretty convincing gray colored denarii)
anagverdi  (April 2015, two fakes out of two. Greek silver and Caracalla tetradrachm of Antioch, cast)
ancient-artefacts777  (many would-be expensive silver fakes, August 2014)
ancientbaron-coins  (2020, July. Fake Vitellis denarius, Marcus sestertius.) 
ancient-coins-collection  (fakes "Valens siliqua" and Spanish Bolskan piece, 2016, April)
ancient_kingdoms  (2016, July, numerous silver fakes that would be very valuable, with private identities to facilitate shill bidding--definitely an intentional fakeseller)
ancient.land  (2017, Sept.  Many low-value late Roman ancients and then, numerous "valuable" coins which are fakes: Alexander the Great, Otho, bull-and-lion siglos, Istros drachm, and others)
ancient.old  (2023, Jan. Very low-quality mis-described fakes)
ancientroman (2023, May) Many fakes, including Athens owls and Lysimachos gold.
ancient_times  (2017, August. Almost all his ancient coins are fakes. Julius Caesar elephant, Tiberius Tribute penny, Constantine siliqua, etc.)
ancientart-jerusalem  (many genuine coins, only a few fakes)
ancientauctionhouse.com  (generally okay, but lets many fakes slip through. Just be careful.)
ancientcoinsandartefacts7807  (2016, Sept. Fake VOLTEIUS Republican denarius, ALBINVS BRVTI F denarius)  JIVKO DIMITROV (2017, late Jan. many denarius fakes)
ancientcoinscollections   (2019, October. Fake colliseum sestertius, Marc Antony, Athens owl, etc. Many fakes. New seller at the time.)
ancientcoinsgroup  (aes grave and two fake sestertii Feb. 2011)
ancientearth2006 (2018, August. Fake Pupienus, Vitellius, etc. Many genuine low-value copper, but most of the silver is fake. Still at it May 2020. Also March 2021. Stillat it July 2023. This is proof eBay does nothing about fakeseller criminals.)
ancientground  (2019, April. Still at it with many genuine low-value Byzantine and other coins, but almost every high-value coin is fake, including a quinarius of Probus and stater of Neapolis. 2017 Oct. the "best" coins in silver are fakes, e.g. a Vespasian and sons denarius, and numerous others [including a high-grade Marc Anthony COHORT galley, Trajan quinarius, etc.] that look 98% convincing but have slightly unusual surfaces, looking very slightly rough and unevenly toned. March 2015, some very rare types that are fakes. Many genuine low-value coins. Still at it Nov. 2020)   ancientground  = coinauction12 (2017, July and earlier, fake silver including Parthian)
ancientgreek  (2020, Dec. His two ancient Greek [Baktrian] coins for sale at this time are fakes.)
ancienthandltd  (2021, Jan. a major fakeseller who has changed his username from hands-of history. Coins still fake in September, with low starting prices. He manged to get his negative feedbacks removed. How does a seller do that?) 
ancienthistoryltd   (2021, May. All the ancient coins are fakes. Also, many of the artifacts are dubious.) 
ancientmacedonia  (2023, May. All the coins are fakes)
ancientr  (2014, Jan 5, fake Zeno siliqua and fake Galba denarius. Oct. 2015, many fakes, some high-value, including gold. Still at it in May 2017. eBay doesn't remove sellers who have been reported) 
ancientroman (2023, May. The ancient coins are fakes.)

ancientwarriors  (2020, July. Fake Celtic, Lombards, Frankish, Greek silver, etc.)    
anddownthewaterfall  (2020 July. Mostly sells modern coins. The few ancients for sale are listed as "unknown" but are poor modern tourist reproductions.)  
andy-montana   (6/21/09)  = trump*** )
angelina82.017   (stolen images, doesn't have the coins, 2/16/08)
angelsneverdie (Sept. 2020. crude fakes. Hadrian, Pompey, Brutus EID MAR, not very deceptive. Honestly says "replica item" in small print.)
anglosaxoncoins   (note the next distinction)
      www.anglosaxoncoins.com and www.anglosaxoncoins.co.uk are websites of
      an honest & reliable dealer, Keith Chapman  
      www.anglosaxoncoins.net and www.anglo-saxoncoins.com were "copy cat" type URLs from the fakemeister Michael Millard / Michael Hibbs who has since abondoned the site which now links to the honest site, anglosaxoncoins.com
angi19670_0  (added 7/2/10 for cast denarius and ant fakes)
antart10   (Greece, cast fakes with dark-stained surfaces, June 2013)
antike2017   (2019, Jan. Every ancient coin is a not-very-deceptive fake. He admits it, but he is on this list for those who don't read his language.)
antik-coins  (sells replicas as replicas)
antik-forum15  (2016, August, only 45 feedback and many denarii, all poor fakes, sold "keine Gewahrleistung oder Garantie, da Privatverkauf" (no assurance of genuineness) as if they were from a personal collection. He is still at it May 2017 with lousy fakes. Still at it in October 2017.)
antik_studio_pana   (2020, June 5. All poor fakes "authenticity guaranteed"  Not!)
antike2017  (2017, Sept.  "nachpragung, 100% hammerschlag" means struck [modern] copy.  The $20 buy-it-now level on rarities makes it obvious these are modern.)
antikpat (2018, March. Otho, Nero, Jovian, Aelilian, Mithradtes fakes)
antiquanova is a firm that honestly sells good reproductions as reproductions. Do not mistake their coins for genuine. https://www.antiquanova.com/shop
Antique Galary plaza (2024, Jan.) The "ancient" coins are fakes, including a Pantikapaion silver, Baktrian, Greek types called Roman, and some tourist-quality poor fakes.

antique_stor  (2021, Sept.  Group lots of cast fakes from Morocco.  Not very deceptive.) 
antique.coin   (from India. 20 identical cast fakes, 3/2010)
antiquesshop1969  (2017 Dec. all the ancients are fakes. A wide variety. Athens owl. Hadrian denarius. Domitian sestertius. Gordian I. Merovingian. All fake.)
antiquiti  (2108, March. Very few coins as opposed to antiquities, but the ones that look nice, e.g. Theodosius II miliarense, are fake. "Unresearched" Aridene siliqua.)
antiquiti4ever    (2019 Sept.  Same as dromashopp, but low feedback so name changed. Modern jewelry touted as ancient.)
antongor   (Dec. 2015. Sells modern tourist reproductions and says they are reproductions.)
anunparos    (fake Greek value coins, 10/3/14)
aquineon  (2018, Jan. all fakes, especially fake sestertii)
apollo.antique  (2021, May. New seller. All coins are lousy fakes.)   
apoloarcheolgy  (2021. Jan. All fakes. Greek silver, argentei, denarii)   
arcoin*collect1983   (Greek coin replicas)
arqueologo55   (2018 August. silly Hadrian sestertius fake)
arinpelin2013  (fake Philip II Greek tetradrachm, April 18, 2015)
armory.antique  (2023, June. All the ancient coins offered at this time are poor tourist fakes.)
ars-romana . (2017, March. Rare types faked. Germanicus denarius, Manlia Scantilla, Greek tetradrachms, Tigranes, etc.)
art*culture (all fakes, 3/18/2014)
art*collection  (not deceptive Bulgarian fakes)
Artemide Aste is not proven to be an intentional fake seller, but has offered a number of fakes and badly carved coins in their  internet auctions (not eBay, but http://www.artemideaste.com/)
artemisa-9  (2017, June heavily entrusted fakes, especially sestertii)
artefacts-ltd  (2020, Nov. Many cast silver and copper fakes. Look at the surfaces. Greek tetradrachms. 2022, May. Fake Augustus and Greek silvers)
Artefactsltd  (2018, March. On Etsy, according to an expert, all the Seleucid coins and fakes, and the others look too much like them not to be of the same manufacture) 
ascot-elite  (some fakes 2/25/12. "The coins are from my father.")
ashdei  (fake Greek AR from China, 10/30/10)
asisiaj  (2019, July. Very deceptive good style denarii with incorrrect fabric. Titus, Hadrian, Lucius Verus) 
atanmari0  (2021,  August. Sells reproductions as reproductions. Just be careful to notice they are fakes.)   
athena1957carl  (2017, Dec. all poor fakes) 
augusta_fine_arts  (Bulgarian seller, with only 28 feedback in Jan. 2018.  Has a fake quinarius of Maximinus Thrax and a fake Greek silver. That is, the "good" coins are fake.)
auth_coins_jobs   (June 2016. All fakes, which he admits, but be careful to notice it: "made from the authentic coin" or "exact copy from the original".)
auth_numis_antiq  (2018, Jan. Fake owl. Fake "Greek gold stater". Fake Alexander tetradrachm. Other gold fakes [with lots of bids!]. May: fake Constantia, Martinian, rare Byzantine)
autosportage  (2020, March. Italian seller with high-quality denarius fakes)    
azulluna1377   (2020, April. fake denarius. Manlia Scantilla, Sextus Pompey. Only 90% feedback should be warning enough. Fake Sextus Pompey and others in September.)

b-antiques  (2022, Feb. The "medieval" coins are fakes.)
Babuino Casa de Aste  www.astebabuino.it (Italian auction site -- all ancients were fake in 10/2009)
barnabs11  (2107 Nov. all three listed are modern fakes: Justinian, Lysimachus, Hadrian sestertius)
bay067  (2019, Dec. Cast fake Trajan he declined to remove. He had one other genuine ancient. He seems to sell mostly modern coins and not ancients)
basilissatheodora  (2021, August. Fake Plotina denarius, Ant. Pius/Marcus, Istros, other silver)
Batibaleno      is the ID of Ivelin Parashkevov
bazmxps    (2019, June. Cast fake Caligula three sisters "guaranteed genuine". Fake Honorius miliarense)
bendoiro   (2019, Sept. According to one person CFDL, many fake countermarks. They are on early modern coins, not on ancients.)
bernmontesqui-0  (2020, Oct. Fake Tetricus quinarius, Gallienus aureus, Carthage all said to be "authentic") 
berwyn (aka ancient-shop_com and romanseller)
bestsells4u    (Raya Valkanova)  (Nora Nedelcheva) Bestsells4u is now Romanumismatics
bevpub43  (as of July25,  2010 the 20 coins listed are all genuine, I think. This seller must have sold some fakes in the past to get on this list, but I will reconsider. The current group is low grade and of little value, but genuine.)
bidancient (aka EFTIS - Eftis Paraskevaides)
bigarhold_123  Bigarhold_123 may be the re-appearance of Rozaoo35 = Second-hand_shop_123 = Simon_hazl = Zvezda503-2009
bill-klenton (2020, Jan. All poor fakes, some of rarer types like Julia Titi and Nero with Agrippina.)
bisol4000 (2017, March. Many poor fakes) 
bluecity2012  (new name for stutheblue67 as of August 2018)
Blueodee or Alyoussefi of Kuwait
bnbcoins (10/20/10, discussed Oct. 19 on CDFL)
bobl19472011   (2016, Dec. fake Republican denarius not noted by him and a fake Obiana sestertius with "I cannot guarantee the authenticity of this coin" at the end of the description and a couple of other fakes, mostly weakly cast and not convincing.)
bodiegold  (Early June, 2015, several fake denaii and a fake sceat)
boktorka333  (2017, April.  Very rare fakes, Crispus silver, Martinian, Jewish War silver. 2018, April. Many coins silvered recently. Stll at it in June.)
borba312  (Jan. 23, 2016, accused, with evidence, of shill bidding in conjunction with dragonfly31215)
briangrey_82  (stolen images of coins he does not own)
brigsou0   (2018, early December. Has 0 feedback and attempting to sell using images of coins he does not own.)
britannicvs  (Nov. 2016--New seller. All fakes.)
Brucies classics  (2017, Jan. Many poor grade fakes with out-of-focus photos)
bul_fishing_1981  (2017, June. Many distressed medievals that look like they might be detector finds [he's in England], but they are fakes.) Similarly, his Byzantine coins look like they might be rarities in poor condition, but they are simply fakes.)

c6h5oh-ch2o   (2021, April. Sells reproductions and clearly asserts each is a"replica")    
cachofo   (Numerous consigned fakes late May 2009)
Caesar_antiques    of Israel is the new eBay selling ID of the known
    fakemaieter Devidc332 or Avihai Hakmon
caesarneron  (July 2017, Nero and Agrippina fake denarius, fake middle bronzes of Tiberius and Augustus, Fake denarius of Maximinus. This, with low feedback. )
Caesars.emporium     run by Dave (Ginger) Morgan
caleta25  (the same seller as denaar100, both selling fakes in August 2012)
caligula1313  (2018, Nov. Fake and not very deceptive Crispina denarius, Maximus sestertius, Athens tetradrachm, but some very deceptive Republican denarii)
casa_di_roma_uk    (most okay, but Nov. 2015 a published fake gold of Ariadne he declined to withdraw and sold. Note:  When almost everything is under 30 pounds, be very careful to suspect the apparently very expensive coins. This goes for any dealer.)
catamana17   (2018, March. fakes, especially denarii with dark surfaces, and much "private" feedback.  There is no excuse for that.)
cepel12  (Sept. 2015, Visigothic fake)
c6h5oh-ch2o   (2019, April. Fake miliarense of Constantius II. Sells many replicas as replicas.)
chimaira-antiques-coins   (uses a shill bidder with "private" feedback who bids almost exclusively on his coins. The coins seem genuine, but the prices are sometimes related to shill bidding)
chrismontycarter1  (2018, Dec. Only two denarii, but fakes.)
chrissthatkid2012    (2019, August. Fake bull-and-lion, Julius Caesar elephant, etc.)
clairecoins  (tooling, green repatination, Greg Gregorov of Montreal Canada)
classic-coin-shop   (2018, May. 30 feedback so far and many fakes up for sale. Nicomedes II, Nero, Matidia, Athens owl, etc.)
classical-art-collection  (Sept. 2012, many excellent very high-grade Greek)
claudius_gothicus_ii      (2019, June. Deceptive silver fakes. Titus/goat with reverse of Domitian that was not issued with the obverse of Titus, Albinus Briuti Republican, Lucius Verus denarius)
cng_coins   (This is not the famous reputible firm.  Some criminal has chosen a similar eBay username. 2020, June. Fakes silver medievals and a fake Caligula denarius.)
coin007  (2019, May. Fakes and shill bidding)
coin-ancient-world   (Dec. 2014, fakes, March 21, 2015 many rare fakes:  Constantine with Pannonian hat, Nigrinian, Hannibalian, Herennia gold. He also sells fakes as melalina )
coinantix  (2022, Jan. Reproductions sold as reproductions)
coinartefact01  (very tooled coins, May 2013, and some rare fakes)
coinauction12 (April, 2015, Slavey and a replica with the replica mark removed) Name changed to ancientground in July? 2017. Still selling fakes including Parthian.
coincoiiecting (2022, Dec. As of now 2559 100% positive feedback, with very many poor ancient fakes.) 
coincollection (June 2023, is not the name of a fakeseller, but "colncollectlon" [with "l" for 'i" twice] is and that seller is listed below in alphabetical order]

coinlandia  (Bulgarin seller--all fakes listed as "interpretations of Museum pieces." At least he does not claim they are genuine. 2020, Feb. April.)    
coinpalace18   (2018, May. All fakes. "coin from old private collection" [of fakes!])
coins58 (2108. New in March. Poor fake sestertii and others. Gordian I, Hadrian, Domitian, Spanish city, etc.)
coinsammler12   (2104, Dec.  Fake sestertii. "ECHTHEIT KANN NICHT GARANTIERT WERDEN  AUS NACHLASS"  "Cannot be guaranteed genuine. No returns. Fake Nero denarius in Sept.)
coinsanticlj  (high-quality cast aureus and a gold pressed Lysimachus stater, July 14, 2010)
coinsbob  (March 2021. Rare Byzantine and Merovingian types as reproductions. He admits it, but you need to read the descritions)
coinscollector59   (April 2015, fake aureus of Maximinus II, and well-known fake Histiaia)
coinhub  (2023, Oct. Fake Basil B from Byzantine Cherson, and as of now, all the other coins are poor fakes, too)
coinsoftheworld27   (2018, Sept. Many genuine coins but some silly fakes. Tiberius depondius, Manlia Scantilla, Istros, etc. Can't he tell the difference?)
coinsverwalter   (August 28, 2012, most of his coins were cast fakes. Nevertheless, they were getting strong [shill?] bids)
colchester1986  (Nov. 2016, fake silver, Anglo Saxon and Roman)
collecionbilletesdelmundo    (2020, May. Many fakes)
collect-albania  (2017, July. Almost all the offerings are not ancient coins. The one "Byzantine silver solidus" up now is a fake.) 
collect.from.armenia  (2018, Feb. Two valuable ancients offered, both fake.) 
Collectorsdreams2  (of Bulgaria)
collezionarte  (auction with a stolen image, 3/15/07)
colncollectlon  (2023, June. All are poor fakes, most claiming to be Roman, but also Celtic and Byzantine and "barbarous")
constantinecoins  92106, June, very deceptive Constantine II AE3 fake, twinned to be certain. He is also selling under the name mostlybronze )
corner-ancient-world  (Nov. 2016, numerous fakes of all kinds, Roman imperial denarii, Republican denarii. A remarkable array of fakes!)
cosii.sp.legv.roma.leg1  (was maximinus435)
cncoin99  (of Singapore)
cng_coins (of Thailand)  This is not the famous US firm CNG. It is some criminal hoping you think the coins are from a reputable firm. Fake Hadian travel series denarius, Magnus Maximus solidus. Julius Caesar denarius.)   
crismasbells   (new, 2018, Nov. Fake Didius Julianus, 
croftmatthew  (July, 2013) selling, he says, coins his father's collection about which he knows nothing, but full of reproductions)
crystalball072   (2020, May. Fake ancient coins (and antiquities, too). Kushand gold. Eukratidies gold! Ptolemy silver.  Priced a hundreds, but would be worth much more if genuine)      
Cybele1   (sells fakes as fakes.  Some of his denarii are very deceptive. Jan. 2011)

dainamo15  (sells reproductions as reproductions, but be careful to notice they are reproductions)
dani_teri_1   (2018, May. Severely tooled coins. Still at it in May 2019. Mnay tooled coins including all the "best" ones)
dartacem10  (fake Julius Caesar denarius, Dec. 2016, a a new seller with only 17 feedback)
danwac6569  (2020, Nov. Fake medievals.)  
dartacem10  (new seller, selling fake denarii, Nov. 2016)
david.alacant  (only 12 feedback as of late April, 2016. Two of three coins for sale are fake.)
david.cardiff*  (2018, Jan. Only 43 feedback as of Jan 5. All his anicents are fakes and fantasies. Theodosius II miliarense, SEPTIMIVS HERODES fantasy, etc.)
davidnicol  (new Feb. 2108, with good-style cast fakes of denarii. Most have weakness and rounding.) 
deamoneta.com  (Bruno Moretti. Has real auctions but defended 11/30/08 a fake Lysimachos tetradrachm with nasty threats to Cliff Laubstein on the CFDL)
dbanyc  (2018. June. vasty overpriced fakes, with complex stories of how few known and their great value)
decussius   (expensive fakes. Still active as of July 5, 2010, and as of Jan 27, 2013 and June 19, 2013, Dec. 26, 2013)
den141010 (0 feedback as of July 8, 2015 and selling group lots of fakes of valuable Greek silver types, as well as an individual Greek silver tetradrachm fake)
denaar100   (all fakes as a new seller, August 3, 2012, more in September, more in November)
dereck0127  (Essex, UK)
des552009  (new from Bulgaria, 10/2009)
descoins (2017, Sept. Fake Greek silver, 2018 April, fake Alexander the Great tetrardachm and Appolonica Pontica)
detritusvt  (very deceptive cast fakes of common denarii)(aka - Alexander G Lazarus & Petko Petkanski) of Fairbanks, Alaska AK,
dettechno   (2109, April. 28 Athens tetradrachms fakes similar to each other)
Devidc332  Caesar_antiques = Julian2430 = Avihai Hakmon
dharmacoins   (2019, Oct. With 100% on 2400 feedback, he has many high-quality fakes up. Owl, Antonia denarius, Augustus quinarius, Aegnia turtle)
Dianacoins  (formerly pagane, has many good coins and many repatinated or tooled coins)
dianisimo   (new May 2008 from Bulgaria)
didacticus  (some very tooled, repatinated, most outright fakes)
didbg84   (2018, Dec. deceptive forgeries of denarii.)
diegocobos2010  (fake Nepotian "guaranteed genuine" August 6, 2012))
dimi5002   (Greek silver fakes, Oct. 2013)
dimitrov1987  (2019, Jan. Fake Trajan denarius and others reported as fakes in feedback)
dimitrisancients   (new name for thessalonikiseller. He changes his username often to try to circumvent lists like this one. 2018 Dec he has a fake owl, Philip II 4dr, Othos, etc. )
dimitristesalon   (new name for aleksandarcollectibles2018.  Fake eastern Celtic,  tetradrachms, drachms --- lots of fakes)
dimvlad  (Bulgarian fakes, July 25, 2013)
dituttovendo2011  (pressed fake denarii--Hadrian, Plautilla, Macrinus--March 30, 2015)
dobri9090  (Good style fakes shown explicitly offered as modern)   
dodonis598   (Feb. 2014 fakes.  siliquae and a disclaimer just like that of mangizite-2008. Could it be the same criminal reincarnate?)
domus-aurea-coins  (June 2018. All fakes. Athens owls, Matidia, Vespasian, all poor fakes.)
don-paolo   (Sept. 2010, Greek reproductions offered as genuine)
dradjord11  (2019, Jan. Carolingian, Merovingian, bull-and-lion, Jewish war fakes)
dragiva35  (2021, May. All the ancient coins are fakes.)   
dragonfly31215   (Jan. 23, 2016, accused, with evidence, of shill bidding in conjunction with borba312)
dromashopp   (2019 Sept. Several fake Julius Caesar elephants, fake Ahtnen owls. Modern jewelry touted as ancient.)
drops_of_heaven   )2108, Dec. New seller. All he anceint coins are fakes)
drosdofilos765  (Dec. 2016, numerous obvious Bulgarian fakes of Roman denarii--only fakes.)
Ds_278**  (Dan's Artifacts)
ds-numismatik  (a couple of cast Greek silver Feb. 29, 2012. Fake 1/2 siliqua Jan. 5, 2013, uncirculated Fake Julia Domna Jan. 2014))
dsnr-co   (2020, April. Moslty sells watches but sold a fake ancient and refused to give a refund and amazingly, suggested the buyer to resell it on eBay!)

    Skip to: 0-9A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T, U-V, W-X-Y, Z*

e.j.markham  (not a coin seller normally, but May 12, 2015 has a high grade Alexander the Great modern fake tetradrachm.)
edwardnumis   (2019. April.  Fake Marc Antony, Julius Caesar portrait piece, etc. All fakes.)
edwardswholesale20,3   (2019, March. Some genuine very low-value copper but the numerous "good" silvers are modern reproductions)
eftis,  (aka bidancient)
elaga_123   (2018, Sept. fake very rare Roman looking barbarous: Eugenius, Dryantilla, silly siliquae not even close to normal)
elgranagripa   (Dec. 2010, many denarius fakes. Spanish seller)
elia_maro  (Jan. 2016, many denarius fakes, Republican through third century, some quite deceptive, some Greek fakes)
elmerjosef   (2018, June. Numerous fakes with pebbly surfaces. Cast coins.)
elf52  (2018, March. Caesar, Tiberius, Pertinax, Nero, argenteus -- all fakes of high-value coins)
emase-36   (2019, Nov. Silver fakes, including CAESAR elephant)
emmic_25   (2020, March. Fake silver Constantine XI (for $30 and worth thousands! Fake Mark Antony galley pieces. Julius Caesar portrait. Lot of fakes.)
empire_gallery,   Manol Velev and Mario Marev of Macedonia
Emporium Hamburg   (Not eBay, bur normal auctions. They continually sell fakes of rare very late Roman coins such as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed many times. Not trustworthy.)
emshopofcurios   (fakes, August 3, 2012)
endind  (April, 2015, modern replica Tranquilina ant, Republican, Baktrian, into May too, June too, fake owl)
errezeta63  (2017, Oct. sells copies as copies, so he is not misprepresenting his pieces.)
este-bella19   (2019 Nov. with this new name. He was oman_treasures24 and had other names before that. He is trying to keep ahead of the fakesellers lists.)
eternalinvestments  (2109, fake denarii. Many fake pre-Roman British types)
Eugenius Coins
exellentoldgoods  (2018, Sept. Every coin is a fake of a valuable type. Procopius siliqua, Constantine Pannonian hat, Odovacar siliqua, etc. Still at it Feb. and May 2019)
exquisitenostalgia    (2019, June. Fake Cyprus silver. A few other silver fakes.)

fasiliana-2014 (March 13, 2014, fake quinarius
fenicio2007   (doubted June 1. Heavy Spanish patina on Spanish coins)
felix_aedius   (2017, Dec. some fakes that would be worth a lot if genuine. Laelianus, Byzantine AE rarity, Trajan sestertius, Balbinus provincial, etc.)
fidelito90 (April 2015, fake Galba dearius, fake "Lucius Verus" copper, among numerous genuine coins. May, 2015, fake Antoninus Pius sestertius and others, among some genuine coins. It looks like a pattern of selling fakes. More fakes August 2016)
fiordaliso   (2018, Dec. recent sales have been cast fakes, selling at low prices. I imagine the knowledgeable buyers didn't bid.)   
firefakir  (numerous doubtful coins over a long time and, specifically, a fake Hadrian AEGYPTOS August 2015. Private listings. Many of his coins look good, but most look soft and some have casting seams.)
ficher1236  (tooled sestertii, 10/18/10)
fortuna_123   )2018, Dec. Numerous fakes with poor surfaces)
Fortuna_collectables (aka redbull359, ukcoins354 - John Georgiev)
franciscsilv-233    (2019, April. Fake Brutus portrait EID MAR denarius with 38 bids and $140!) 
frotito987   (2019, March. All fakes, but he is honest about it, saying "not antique" in the titles)

gagoc_6   (2019, May. All silly fakes)
gagoc16 (2019. June. Three silver denarii, all fakes. 0 feedback so far.)
galeonhundido-2  (2018, Feb. Fakes of very valuable types. A 2.4 gram Constantine II "solidus", CAESAR elephant, a Syracuse decadrachm. Licinius aureus.)
game_of_thrones1948   (2017, Jan. numerous odd fakes)
gan5380 (2020, May. New seller in March with fakes honestly described as copies, of Augutus, Hadrian, Otho)
garata999   (April, 2016, 24 silver fakes--all fakes)
gb10deals (2023, July. Many "unresearched" fakes.)

gd-gallery  (August, 2019.  Fake Byzantine, provincial, all with the same rough surfaces. Perfect style. Some sort of cast.)
gdgd2013*  (2018, Nov. fake Greek and Celtic)
geboze50    (2018, Jan. fake cast Domitian, Caracalla, Republican denarius)
gelabc  (fake Philip II of Macedon, Jan. 5, 2013, with only one coin listed) 
georgkris  (2017 March. Fake Majorian half-siliqua, Julius Caesar portrait, etc.)
geotod_1po2q10le  (March  2017. New seller. Some genuine lousy AE. All his silver are high-grade fakes.)
getod_4  (2017, July. New, selling fakes. Still at it, with deceptive fakes, Nov. 2018))
gog469  (2019, Feb. new seller. Fake Hadrian denarius, Caracalla provincial, others)
goldrelics  (Feb. 2014, deceptive modern reproductions, said to be "reproductions", but you might miss that in the small print)
gomez-yesic  (2021, April. Mostly okay, but some doubtful coins.) 
gomolava1997  (2017, Nov. and Dec. fales. Probus with too many flan cracks, Danubian Celtic, Claudius dupondius, fake quinarius, Clodius Macer denarius.)
gorrinero135   (2019, May. At this time all the gold coins are fakes. Most of the copper "better" coins are fake.)
grandpops_goodies   (2018, Sept. The same seller as the next one with the same spiel and the same poor fakes.)
grandpopz_goodies   (2018, Feb. only 20 feedback so far, so he is new.  All his "ancient" coins are fakes. Syracuse tetradrachms, owl, Messan rabbit and numerous others, all barely replica quality) 
great4481   (2020, May. Fairly new seller with only 21 feedback and deceptive rarities, not photographed in good focus so it is hare to see their problems. Didia Clara, Julius Caesar portrait, Diadumenian, Otho, etc. Be careful with these. They are very good fakes. On principle, worry when the first things a new seller sells are important rarities.)
greatwarriorachilles   (2018, July. Numerous fake very late Roman rarities such as Aelia Zenonis, Odovacar, Julius Nepos. 2019 Feb. Still going with fake Eugenius, Jovinus, etc. 2021, April. Still at it. Numerous ridiculous fakes and 424 100% feedback!)
greektime  (May 9, 2011, numerous somewhat deceptive fakes, Greek and Roman)
gregus123  (seems honest, but beware of his good replicas sold as replicas)
groll90 (fakes 11/6/13)
gsalesr  (Dec. 2015. numerous low-quality Roman imperial fakes. Some very low quality genuine coins and a few fakes of rarities worth hundreds.)

hael-95  (2023, August) From Morocco. All his "ancient" coins are very poor fakes, not even close to deceptive.   
haji_786  (2023, May)  As of this date all are fakes, only one very deceptive, of valuable types.  
hakel.78     (August 2015, "exact copies" (which are of very poor style and not very deceptive) of Roman imperial AE in unworn condition. Still at it Sept. 2018)
hammered_coins  (Michael Hibbs, museum reproductions sold as genuine)
hands_of_history   (2018, Dec. Mostly antiquities, but the two "ancient" coins are fakes. "unreasearched tetradrachm", Indo Greek)
hannibal89   (2018, Nov. Numerous fakes of low grade coins. Carthage AE, Galba sestertius, etc.)
hansfuchs_123  (within the descriptions it says "sold as a copy" [in German])
hasenbraten2510  (2015, Jan. fakes 3rd and 4th C Romans)
hauriga  (2107, July. Many fakes of denarii and other ancients. "rien ne garantit l'authenticité de la monnaie qu'elle n'est pas évalué" but he knows they are fakes.) .
havaiome2012  (2020, Nov. Balbinus on a very spread flan. Tribute penny that looks uncertain.)  
helmut15  (2019, Oct. Some commonly-faked types;  CAESAR elephant, Pertinax. All mildly deceptive fakes)
heavencoins18   (2018, July, all fakes. He used to be classic-coin-shop & domus-aurea-coins )
hermescoins1  (2019, March. Fake Vespasian IVDAEA CAPTA sestertius, Claudius sestertius, Ostrogothic Theodahad, and others, mostly expensive)
hezile   (China)
historiamagistravitaeest   (2018, April. Mostly fakes, including Eugenius siliqua, Antinous, Galla Placidia,  Greek silver)

hocuspocus007  (2022, Feb.)  Honestly sells reproductions as reproductions. 
holdingancienthistory   (This is not the seller "holdinghistory". 2020, June. Fake owls and CAESAR elephants, Julia Titi, Marciana. Lots of fakes.)
holylandartifacts  (2017, Oct. uncirc Gaza owl tetrardrachm, encrusted Gaza owl fakes, shekel of Tyre fake, all the "good" silver is fake)
honfleur1427   (fake Otacilia sestertius 2/6/14)
horusthegreat  (Italy)
hotdeals-555    (2019, Oct.  He has mostly "ancient" "medieval" jewelry. There are only a few coins now, but the ones he has, CAESAR elephants, are fakes)
hovav2005   (2018, March. Cast and other fakes. Greek and even Byzantine copper!)
hubabubalondon  (2015, July. Several obvious fakes)

i **** 4 (changed his username to ivcollicibles)
iakobebe   (Sloveni, many Istros fakes 12/08)
icarusnumismatics   (2020, Feb. Fake aurei. Plotina. Caligula. April, fake Nero denarius, Trajan.)
Icatching Things  (2024, Feb. Roman Republican Calpurina. Almost all his items are not ancient coins, so this might have just slipped through.)

igornaisus  (2021, June. Late Roman rarity fakes)  
ikarvi9   (says, in Spanish, his coins are not ancient)
lmantagi88  (that's really an initial lower-cae "L"--look under L)
imaschnore  (cast fake for $551 Nov. 2013, and ridiculously high price on other coins)
imperator60  (September, 2015. Fake low-quality denarii of Augustus and others. They realized low prices so many eBayers must realized they were fakes.)
became Imperialcoins1
imperial98   (Nov. 2014 numerous fake Hadrian AE)
imperial.relics13 . (New seller in late Feb. 2017 with two ancient silver fakes)
mofozzulchoudhury  (2021, Sept. A seller knowingly selling a cast fake expensive tetrardrachm of Tenedos. "Lost the Certificate of Authenticity sadly.")   
indalocolecciones  (most not fakes, but too many deceptive cast fakes and others to trust him. Some are listed at high values, e.g. $2000 and look almost authentic, but are false. Also, by having private listings you cannot see what some think is shill bidding where very many bids are entered for relatively simple coins that normally would not get so many.)
indywestcoins   (2021, August. Greek, Jewish, Roman fakes, most pretty bad and starting low)
io-560  (2019, Oct. Says "The coin comes from unknown provenance and I'm not able and can NOT guarantee the authenticity of it. I do state in advance that there is a chance that the coin is not completely genuine and I do not accept returns.")
iolandina2013   (He labels his coins "reproductions" so he is not dishonest. Study the coins to see how they look just right except for the surfaces. Don't get caught when someone buys them from him for resale on eBay without saying they are reproductions.) 
isidoranerit  (July 29, 2013 fake aureus of Gallienus)
isobelp303 (re-engraved English coins, 6/25/07)
ltxod-05oaucsh   (2019, Jan. Lot of fakes. Greek with weights given, but far wrong. Roman denarii that are not very deceptive.)
ivcollectibles  (2018, Dec. Fakes including Clodius Albinus, Vetranio, two Pertinax, etc. Was i **** 4 just two months ago.)
ivgan-70    (2019, May. New seller with 0 feedback and fakes)
ivo820104  (2020, Nov. Many super types, e.g. Caligula and his sisters, faked and started low.  Many other silver fakes that are not well done. The surfaces are mushy and the photographs out of focus (this time, anyway))
ivopetrov1  (selling fakes on delcampe.net  such as Pacatian and others)
ivtas4  2018, October. New seller. Who would be fooled into buying his EID MAR Brutus? Didius Julianus, Pertinax, and other not so important fakes.)

jadescorpion   (Michael Hibbs)
jbcollectables99  (very many cast fakes Jan. 2010, July 2010 "the new Bulgarian flu". Some are very deceptive)
Jclouis (website ARTNUMISMA)
jdne07  (2022, June. All fakes with poor surfaces. "I don't have any type of COA, you buy on your own responsibility.")

jenscamp0312 (fake denarii closing 1/13/13)
jerbo_spain   (fake gold 1/4 stater, Oct. 2014. Unusually low feedback percentage. Fake migration-era gold, Jan. 2015. Still more fakes through July 2015. Still at it, Sept. 2017 with silver fakes. Fake OFFA Jan. 2018)
jianchen882010   (1/28/11, relisted as "100% original" a fake returned by a list member)
jinali850  (mangizite-2008 under a new name, 3/16/2012)
Jondole54   (2022, Feb. All modern fakes. Pompey, Hanniballian, etc.)
joelldumortie   (2019, June. Fake sestertii.)    
johnboy2954   (April, 2016. Obvious fake Caligula as which he asserts is genuine.)
johngeld086   (over 7000 feedback and only one ancient up for April, 2015, so maybe it is an unusal mistake that that one is a fake Alexander the Great.)
jon.mcclaine   (2019, Dec. Fakes of common denarii and one Hadrian sestertius)
johnvarouxis  (sells replicas as replicas, but be sure to notice they are replicas!)
jolandaatgfu103  (2019, August. Not fakes, but badly misattributed late Roman coins with common coins in very low grade attributed to rare emperors.)
jorjscoins  (1016 August, new seller with 32 feedback, many fakes of expensive types--all fakes)
jputters83(2019, June. New seller. All fakes)
juli_molan  (new, Dec. 2016, with all fakes--poor reproductions)
Julia_pia   (Gerne Wieder)
julia54*   (2018, June. New seller with three denarii, all fakes, all with the same irregular sandy surfaces) 
Julianus_2010  (some fakes over time, in particular a Republican denarius 6/12 which was perfect style but cast. More good-style fakes Dec. 2014)
Julius-Nepos  (David Suter, silver, and some very deceptive late Roman AE)
justinijan69  (be careful of many very tooled coins.  April 27, 2013, also July. The underlying coin is probably genuine, but very often the hair has been reengraved and the patina applied. His coins are not as good as they look. Continuing through Jan. 2104)
Justinijan-Coin (2024, Feb. Agrippa as, Hadrian SALVS AVG denarius, and Pertinax denarius fakes. Some very deceptive sestertii. 100% feedback on over 1400 reviews. Ships from "Yugoslavia" which is not a current country name.) 

kalantik  (admits his excellent types are Paduans or "not ancient" but you might not notice "Cette piece n'est pas antique.")
kamilka_23  (2022, March. All the ancient coins are fakes. He says they are replicas, but you might not notice that.)
kamud_mare    (2019, Jan. Fake silver denarii. Hadrian, Pertinax, Vespasian. All very poorly done.)
kassandra1971  (2020, Sept.  All fake silver. Baktian, Seleucid, Thrace, Istros) 
katari988   (2019, June. Bulgarian seller. All simple fakes.)
Katz auction (2021, June. Auction 44 [not eBay] has many 3rd. C. fakes. Probus, Marius, Laelianus, Carausius, Allectus, etc. This is remarkably bad for what looks like a real auction firm.) 
khom66 (2020, Oct. All fakes. Didia Claria, Hadrian, Nero and Agrippina, Romna Republican, etc. Not very deceptive) 
king4  (2018, March. An expensive tooled Hadrian sestertius, bought from Lanz who mentioned the tooling. He marked it up a lot and omitted mentioing the tooling detraction.)
kingdomspast  (Michael Hibbs)
Kingofcoins2001  (may be honest, but does not know ancients and sells fakes)  
kingstoncollectables65  (2018, March. Julius Caesar denarius and Marc Antony portrait fakes among genuine low-value coins) 
Kkocc8785  (Bulgaria)
klugerde (2017, June. All four denarii are fakes)
kmi-se (June 2015, fake Aelius and many fake Greek silver, not very deceptive, among many more very-low-value genuine coins. Many tourist fakes. He does not assert they are genuine, but has private auctions and pleads ignorance)
knight33r   (In March 2016 he sold reproductions as reproductions. By Jan. 2017 he began to sell reproductions as genune. He uses statements like "AUTHENTIC SILVER COIN TETRADRACHM !" I wonder if he would argue that the silver is authentic silver?  The coins are certainly not.)
know_uz_ark   (2018, May. Formerly the fakeseller noahs_ark_usa with a name change, but the same fakes.)
konspyracia67 = Roza0035
kotus1  (2018, May. Fake Alexander the Great, Galba, Severan dynastic denarius, Caesar elephant)
kremerzahar123  (before 12/10 and again silver fakes in 12/10, high quality silver fakes 2/11)
kukuviza  (numerous lousy Bulgarian fakes. 8/3/10)

la-8438  (2020, July. Deceptive practices. For example, "$4500" on a 2x2 priced on eBay at $800 and worth far less than that. Seriously misattributed coins for example, a beat up Faustina Sr. called Poppaea.  I am not able to say he is an intentional fakeseller (it might be ignorance), but it is a seller to avoid.)
lady_djool  (modern fake aureus, Jan. 2014, with planted questions asked about it making it look like someone was convinced it was very valuable)
laeti5211  (denarius fakes, high grade good types, August 5, 2013)
lampsack_gallery   (2018, Sept. new seller. Greek fakes. Still at it in June 2019)
legendsfromancienttimes   (sells replicas as replicas)
legioantics (2020, June. Poor fakes of coins and antiquities. CAESAR elephant, owl, etc.)
legion_viii  (Emil Roussev/Rumen Russev)
lehmann5   (2021, May. Many fakes. Augsutus, Plautilla, Galba, Vitellius, Merovingian, etc.)   
leigh9412   (Oct. 11, 2013, poor Augustus fake "Rest assured this is no copy. Authenticity and satisfaction guaranteed.")
leonidas-22  (2108, Oct. Several fake sestertii. Vitellius, Galba, Hadrian)
leventbud-0  (2019, July, Fake silver, including a Pertinax)
leviathandesire7   (2018, March. New seller. A single lot with three fake imperatioral denarii, including Julius Caesar.)
Liberalitas Ebay store
likikvikivr1-7   (2108, March. A new seller from Serbia with several genuine very-low-value late Roman and one Justinian 1/2 silqua fake, mislabeled a Justin II)
live-note  (2021, April. Fake Otho denarius and several fake Greek coins alongside many low grade genuine pieces. He apparenatly sells a lot of items [over 52,000 feedback] and some fakes slip through. Most of the Greek coins "to identify" are fake.)   
liverpool_oggy   ("WRL" fake Julius Caesar denarius, 11/10/10)
liviadrusilacoins  (new seller, August 2015, every ancient is a fake) 
lizziessecrettreasures    (2020, August. The ancient coins are fakes. Istros, Parion, Trajan sestertius, Parthian, Lysimachos, all fakes)
lmantagi88   (2021, May. All crude fakes, most badly mislabeled as well) 
lolita.b-55   (2020, Jan. heavily tooled expensive Trajan sestertius. Other commoner coins that look cast. 2020, March. Byzantine AE fakes.)
londiniumcoins   (tooled coins)
london-coins  (2021, August. 879 100% feedback even though his coins are fakes). Fake Augustus, Octavian, Offa, medieval, argenteus, etc.)  "Located in Thailand" in small typeface.
Loposhnik  (Mike J Buttman, supposedly Billings MT, but likely eastern Europe)
lozano32   (2018, Otc. all fakes. Even an EID MAR of Brutus, Aelius, others with little ID but valuable types)
lotenius 1er
louisshop1  (2015, Jan. Otho, Galba, Vitellius modern high grade fakes and some low quality copper that is genuine. Two clearly misidentified. He doesn't know ancients).
luciovero1  (2016, September, Spanish seller with numerous fakes at very low "buy" prices.)
luissas2011  (late Dec. 2015, a Nero and Agrippina denarius listed at $1000 is a fake.  Also a fake Septimius family denarius. Numerous genuine coins of much less value. Same Nero and Agrippina type fake listed again April 2016. Still selling fakes, e.g. Paulina, as of March, 2022.)
lukas-coins-pl   (says "contemporary forgery" on several coins but they are modern fakes)
lukerce  (2020, June. A wide variety of ancient coins, all fakes. From a Julius Caesar portrait to a Syracuse decadrachm, all staring at very low prices. Supposedly in a private collection for over 45 years. A private collection of fakes!)
luxeon55 (still selling silver denarius fakes -- pretty poor style, Dec. 2014)

mac-creative  (May 2015. Several obvious fakes and some deceptive fakes. He does not seem to be primarily an ancient-coin seller)
machairidis14   (numerous fakes, Thrace, Celtic, Istros, Messembria, 10/9/14)
machthappy  (numerous cast fakes, some rarer types, 9/11/10, 3/8/12) 
mafazo  (2018, April. Some cast fakes. Julius Caesar portrait denarius, Hadrian sestertius with a ship, neither of which is very deceptive, but he also has an excellent Faustina II and Domitian. 2019 March still at it with underpriced rarities that are deceptive--too good to be true. )
magicwiz60   (May 2016, numerous silver fakes)
maou5211  (a fake rare Claudius denarius 5/27/13)
magicwiz60   (2016, March. Many obvious fakes called "Genuine museum remake" coins and some coins said to be genuine that are fakes. )
Marcantere 10
markalan63  (fake Aelius denarius 2/11, but probably not intentional, looking at his other items)
marinvourgent-0   (2017, May. Numerous fake Republican and imperial deanrii)
maro.eli   (April 2015, many ancient fakes, mostly denarii, some fairly deceptive)
masonicera (April 2019. Sells reproductions as reproductions. Don't be folled when others resell them as genuine)
masterm33  (2017, Jan. many reprodictions sold as reproductions and, unfortunately, many sold as genuine)
mastermust  (be careful about tooled coins from Serbia, but genuine )
masterpujador  (fake quality denarii, 2/1/2012)
masonsgallery  (Nov. 2016, fake Anglo-Saxon sceats, Nov. 2016 fake "metal detector finds" Byzantine silver, Vandal silver, others.
maxyfrancesco  (honestly selling reproductions as reproductions, but mentioned in Spanish, which you might not notice)
mavigodi  (numerous cast silver, 7/13/2010, still at it in April, 2013))
mesalina  (2017 August, many poor fakes. Antoninus Pius, Merovingian, Vandals, etc. He also sells as: Coin-Ancient-World Stanislav Mirchev. Still at it in December and 2018 March. 2021 Sept.)
micicour   (Dec. 2015. Sells many replicas as replicas)
middle.earth   NARU  (Michael Hibbs)
mihpet-13   (2019, Sept. All Bulgarian fakes)
mikes-artefacts  (2017, April, all the coins are modern fakes)
milledcoins  (Beyza Elbi Hibbs, Michael Hibbs)
mimo_treasures  (he sells them as reproductions).
mine.teod   (2020, May. Fake denarii. Marcinus, Sabina, Republican)
minnfinejewelry  (steals and uses photos of coins he does not own)
micicour  (Sells replicas as replicas. Just be sure you notice they are replicas!)
miromanas-0   (2019, Oct.  Lots of late Roman, Byzantine, Othrogothic silver fakes, just like nemanas-0 and Pana_nis. Still at it, 2020, May. Very poor fakes, e.g. Aemilian)
mitmosh   (2019, Dec. all modern fakes and fixed-priced low as if they were fakes.)
mizlat_50    (2019, May. New seller. Fake Eugenius siliqua. Libius Severus siliqua. Still selling fakes in June 2022.)
mm-colecciones   (Nov. 2015 many fakes, casts of denarii)
moneta-hermes  (8/16/10. was Julius Nepos, really David Suter, who was NARUd, but back August 2010 His coins are deceptively photographed to appear to have much higher relief than they really do.)
monetopolis  (2020, Nov. Reproductions, admitted in the descriptions.)  
monnaies-antiques (2013, selling "his grandfather's collection." Many fakes of rare and expensive Roman coin types)
monnaie76770  (2018, March. Titus colosseum sestertius fake, Trajan sestertius fake, Otacilia Severa/hippo ant fake, many fakes)
mostlybronze  (2106, June, a very deceptive Constantine II AE3, twinned to be certain. He is also selling under the name constantinecoins )
mrokich   (Nov. 2014, some cast Roman denarius fakes)
mulcrow2347  ( a couple of fake denarii, 6/09)
mulpio  (2108, Feb. A sestertius of Hadrian in high grade that sold for 14.60 euros with 15 bids, because it so obviously fake)
my_pappas_pouch   (2018, June. All fakes. "not-forProfit in Noah's Ark" " our trades are  as-is please " "we don't have the answers to your questions")
nadejda73  (2017, Dec. many solidus fakes, Hadrian sestertius, Greek tetradrachms, all fakes)
nadla8302   (2021, May. All Greek coins are poor fakes in spite of his authenticity guarantee.)  
nanaz_nicknacks  (2019, Jan. All fakes. Claiming ignorance and "no returns please")
nanskingdom    (Sept. 2014 says "coins to identify" and says they are reproductions. So, he is not lying but they qualify as fakes)
natstojil_0   (2019, August. All fakes. Annia Faustina, Majorian, Nepotian and other rare types. Eugenius, Crispina, etc. in October. More fakes 2020 Feb.)
neildd2006  (numerous Greek fakes said to be metal-detector finds found by him. Liar!)
nemanas-0   (2019, Oct. lots of fake late Roman, Byzantine, Lombard, etc. silver. Just like miromanas_0 and Pana_nis)
neronclaudiusdrus7  (2016, April and May, some genuine coins among some very expensive fakes--aureus, medallion of Postumus, denarius of Augustus)
nicole8700   (Dec. 2014, several cast fakes, denied in a response to a friendly note, but they are fakes)
nicktreasures  (2019, Sept. His silver of Anglos Saxon and British types is fake)  

nikafinds (2017, March. All of the better types are fakes. Hadrian quinarius, Derronnes decadrachm, Caracalla ant)
nightingale_box   (2019, Dec. Silly silver Baktrian fake. Also poor fake gold coin. Many doubtful "antiquities" too).
niki7010   2019, April. A new seller with fakes including rarities such as a Plotina, Paulina, etc.)
nikoldodi-5  (2020, March)  many lots of genuine AE, but several fake silver denarii. Note how the surfaces of the denarii are slightly porous. Some "sold" coins are virtually identical to other sold coins. They must be from the same mold.)
ninnioo1912   (2018 March. Many fakes with a good story "found in an abandoned storage room" ... "the previous owner was a doctor.") 
no_waz_ark  (2018, August. Terrible fakes with a heart-warming story of good deeds. A cynical liar!)
noahs_ark_usa   (2017, July, many fakes with "estate sale" or "my grandfather's" as excuses. Still at in September. Still at in January with a very large number of fake reproduction coins)
noahsark2022  (2021, Sept. Ridiculous fakes. )
non-soli-cedit  (several fake denarii 7 August 2013)
numerounonicasio  (numerous fake sestertii, late August, 2014. Fake denarii, Jan. 2015)
numisalexander2013  (May, 2015, fakes DIVO Severus Alexander, Augustus denarius, Macrinus denarius, etc.)
numis18  ( = Eugene DELEU)
numiscartago  (2018, Feb. New seller with all fakes)
numis-gallery (2021, August. Fakes in excellent style with uneven, porous, surfaces. Gordian III, Pupienus, Balbinus, Maximinus Thrax. Still at it in Sept. 2022 with owls, Lysimachos, etc.)    
numismatic-charle  (July 5, 2010, selling gift reproductions as real)  
numismatic-treasures  (2018, June. Fake decadrachm of Syracuse, fake Greek silver, fake sestertii (even one of Otho, who didn't issue them), fake gold, fake, fake, fake! Formerly with seller name coinpalace18)
numismatics.888 (2019, June. Fake "Greek silver tetraderachm" from Syracuse that would never be unidentified if real. Cast Hadrian sestertius of a good type, false soft surface coloring. Thasos. Silver with chi-rho reverse. Still selling fakes in August.)
numisnica . (2017, Feb. just 2 feedbacks and a fake Commodus sestertius at a super-low buy-it -now price)
numissoto1   (Dec. 2016. Fakes at very low buy-it-now prices. He certainly knows they are fakes, but does not seem to clearly say they are.)
numisweb (June, 2013, Bulgarian fakes. More excellent fakes of sesterti in Dec. 2019)
Nuwademan  (sells replicas as genuine)
nyantiques22  (March 4,2011, more fakes and deceptive answer to a question about it)

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obsolete (aka empire_gallery and spes-pvblica)
old.owl (2023, Jan. Poor tourist fakes.) 
old1945stone  (2016, July 20, some dramatic Roman fakes--Aelius, and Tetricus facing head quinarius!)
oldromancoins   (2019 March many fakes of Nero, Caligula, etc, with nice green surfaces and far too many bids! He changes his username every two months to keep ahead of list like this one. Last month he was stardust310 . Still at it with all fakes in May 2020.)
open34514  (sells reproductions as reproductions. "an old quality reproduction")
ovilava   (sells reproductions as reproductions)
optimo2007  (Alexander tetr. 2017 May-- fake gold quinarius)
optimo-principi  (be wary of his tooled and "improved" coins and some are possibly fakes. He has figured out a way to make his coins look like much higher relief than they really have. What may appear to be a nice bold coin may well turn out to be in low relief.)
oravai7  (2021, May.  New seller with only two coins, both fake Athenian tetradrachms)
orden60    (2019, June. All fakes.)
otravezaqui123  (fake tetradrachm 4/1/12)
outofeurope  (2019, July. Fake Larissa, Istros, Thasos, etc.)
owtfree  (Dec. 2015 had several denarius fakes. He does not appear to be an ancient-coin specialist)

pana_nis   (2019, July. Fake late Roman AR "from a large hoard of silver siliquas". Still at it in August. Many rare late Roman siliqua fakes. Just like nemanas-0 and miromanas_0. Still selling fakes in June 2022.)
pappas_pouch  (2018, Feb. All fakes sold with the old fakeseller's story that is from his grandfather's collection and he doesn't know what it is.) 
Paraskevaides Museum
paul-muir   (fake Kushan)
pax21weiss   (3 AE Roman fakes, out of three, late May 2016)
paxaugusti ((possibly) superb Greek Syracuse fake struck with transfer die, 8/29/09)
pedro-21  (2017 Oct. fakes Galba sestertius and fake Sabina sestrtius)
pegusasancientcoins  NARU (Michael Hibbs)
peioni-1  (2020, Oct. From Bulgaria. Nigranian and many others is very good style [they must be cast] with "Kein Echtheitszertifikat" i.e. "no certificate of authenticity")
peneantiques  (fake Hostilian, Feb. 2015. New seeler (only 25 feedback))
pepilll (2018, Oct. All fakes, mostly of valuable types such as EID MAR, Antonia denarius, Caesar portrait, etc.)  
perr0drz01  (2020, June. Fake Alexander drachm to be sold with no returns)    
Peshkathecat2 is Peter and Irena Petrov
petrus.fabricius  (many genuine coins. A few fakes have slipped through.) 
pevla_99 (2022, Dec.  Medieval, Celtic, Carinus quinarius fakes)
piamp-87 (2019, March. New fakeseller from Serbia with only fakes: Lysimachos, Apollonia, Roman Republican)
piece.of.history  (2021, April. Many fake Anglo-Saxon coins)   
pile-ou-face-1 (obvious fakes, Oct. 10, 2010)
planete-collections-france  (2017, May. Not a regular ancient coin seller, but given the chance he did not remove a cast fake sestertius)
platon12345  (German eBay)
praetoriangoddess1   (bids on taherthecat coins and yields him lots of positive feedback in an incestuous manner)
prefrdric0 (2020, April. Low feedback but already fakes)
pretor95   (Sept. 2014 numerous cast fakes with the same patina, even though form widely different periods and places)
primagerma, (aka youg and 9722louis)
pulpudeva-2009 (Sylvia of Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

qaska  (Dec. 2104, several fake denarii.)

r.o.n.o.2014  (Oct. 2104, many cast fakes, not very deceptive. Still at it as of August 2015)
radd8   (2016, Sept. deceptive fake Aelia Eudocia tremissis)
rafaprio   (2016, Feb. all fakes. Sestertii, Visigothic gold.
rainbowraw   (2018, August. Fake Zenobia. Formerly named the fakeseller ruswars. Also red-one73.
rainbow star10   (2019, August. Fake argenteus, Istros, Balbinus provincial, many others)
ramdoc333bc   (2020, May. Many coins in terrible condition and some of the "better" ones are fakes. Athens owl sold as "Museum version," ridiculous Flavius Victor siliqua)
rancient (2018, March. Numerous fake late Roman, Merovingian, Celtic, Roman Republican, and some other rarities like Nigranian)
rarelot2013  (3 modern fakes, 10/31/13, he says are from his own collection)
rasney-0 (2020, August. All fakes. Istros, Parion, Histeia, etc.)
realartifacts  (2020, June 18) Fake denarius of Maximinus Thrax. 
real-treasure-uk  (many poor cast fakes, May 2015)
recocha222  (2017, Nov. Fake Pompey denarius called "Brutus" and got no bids. After being informed it was a fake, he denied it and relisted it without changing the incorrect identification. Additional remakable fakes in December.)
red-one73  (August, 2018. Same account holder as ruswars and rainbowraw. A fake Republican social war Italian denarius, not noted as special, which is a known deceptive technique to bring out the greed in buyers who know enough to recognize a rare type but not enough to recognize a fake of a rare type.  "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing".)
reformasa79 (2018, Sept.  All coins are fakes. Sestertii of Domitian, Hadrian, Gordian II, and Nerva.)
reitripio  (March 2016, many poor fakes. He does say "Country/Region of Manufacture: Spain" but he means recent Spain, not Roman Spain!)
requete78  (2019, Sept. Fakes and "no acepto PayPal" so refunds would be hard to get)
rerkoyns   (2018, June. Honorius miliarensie, Greek hemidrachm, Greek trihemiobol fakes.)
resaa_78  (2022, Nov. Fake EID MAR [who would be fooled?] and clicking on the other items brings up the seller name "Antiquoins1" and other not-deceptive fakes, from Morocco)
retige2403  (2107, Sept. also October, numerous fakes. German seller. "commodity is made under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee." [That's becaue they are fakes!])
rhoemetalces   (2019, May. All silver fakes with poor surfaces.)
Richlbn  (Richard Hayek)
rodopi2001  (cast fake sestertii of very good style, it seems. 9/25/09, Other fakes Jan. 2011)
roma_coins  (this is not rhe high-quality London-based seller Roma Numismatics)
roman.land   (2019. June. All his silver is fake. 2020, Oct. Still at it, with many fake antiquities, too.)
romanimperial  (2019, June. Lots of fakes including some types that would be expensive such as Caligula denarius)
roman_legion (2021, Sept. Fake Otho, Sextus Pompey)   
romansromans1  (May 22, 2009 had one very deceptive Vespasian fake)
Romanumismatics (formerly Bestsells4u )  (this is not rhe high-quality London-based seller Roma Numismatics)
romanprosecutor ( RAYA VENELINOVA VALKANOVA also known as Romanumismatics (not the vcoins dealer),
    Bestsells4u & trump***)
romanseller  (aka ancient-shop_com and berwyn)
roman_treasures24   (2019, May. Many Roman silver fakes. Was sar.weiss-o and aurum-coins24 before that. He changes his eBay username often)
rommades   (new seller, Sept. 2018. Good style cast denarii that have poor surfaces not looking like good silver. He says there is no guarantee they are geninue and he does not accept returns. Potential buyers have been warned!)
romoshe_1  (2020, Nov. Fake Caligula denarius. After many lines of description, it finally says, "This coin has no COA, sold AS IS. I cannot guarentee the authentication on this coin, should be an interesting project that is why i am selling cheap. This coin would be considered a improperly cleaned coin." [No, it is an out-and-out fake.])   
r.o.n.o.2014  (Oct. 2104, many cast fakes, not very deceptive. Still at it as of August 2015)
romus555  (Does not accept PayPal and does not accept returns. Very convincing denarii.)   
royalantiquity  (2021, May. All the ancient coins are fakes in spite of being "guaranteed authentic.") 
rpp.et39  (2020, May. Sells reprodcutions as reproductions. Some will appear again, said to be genuine)
rrus9999  (Feb. 28, 2014. Fake Greek copper owl, and other fake AE Greek. Some Indo-Greek may be okay.)
ruswars  (2018, July. All fakes. Julius Caesar, two(!) Othos, Pupienus, etc.)
rve-jro-kbsp19lsbp   (2019, May. Som genuine NGC slabbed ancients and some deanrius fakes.)
rvr1986  (Dec. 2015, sells replicas and mentions they are replicas, but you might miss it)

sacra27  (fake denarius
sagittario2323    (2020, Feb. Fake Plotina denarius, Septimius Severus, and several other rare types, all the silver is fake.)
Salvsavg (= Legion_VIII, Maximov, Evtilian in Bulgaria))
samtez  (April, 2015, numerous unidentified worn-looking cast sestertii, and some fake denarii too)
sanfoura852 (aka antika 99)
sapennumis (2020, July. Many coins, mostly fakes. Greek tetradrachms, JC elephant, many others. Still almost all fakes, yet 100% feedback, March 2021. )
sar.weiss-0   (2019, Jan. New seller, all fakes. Still at it in May.)
sash-bg2014  (Dec. 2015 early imperial denarius fakes)
Saxbys-coins (the most notorius fakeseller on eBay, reported many times, but still there.  If late April 2016 he is selling a multi-thousand dollar fake aureus that it getting lots of bids. Will suckers never learn?)
Saxbys-coins-and-collectables  (many fakes in good style with unusual surfaces)
sb-coins   (2019, June. Fake Eugenius siliqua, Julius Nepos, and other rarities. Continuing with other fake rarities.)
Sboogie1968 (aka Shawn Whatling)
Scipion-searcher (May, 2016. Numerous AE valuable Roman with buy-it-now prices that are quite low and tempting)
seatreasuregold  (2015, Oct. some okay gold, but fake "Byzantine" Dark Ages gold)
slentz. 2008 (2020 March. Many poor fakes, and so far, 91.4% of 221 feedback, which is amazingly poor) 
Serdico     (Peter Petrov of Imperatorial, infamous for the Bulgarian Flu, and Alexandriacoins, run with his wife, Irena Peterv, infamous for higher class fakes)
septimius2014  (2017, April, numerous fakes of great rarities)
sergeq8101222   (2018, August. Fake owl, Lysimachos, etc.)
sguard   (2019, Jan. Fake denariii of Diva Paulina, Vitellius, and Diadumenian.)
sheraz6913   (fake sestertius, Nov. 20, 2013)
shaheen2020 (April 2022) Has a fake Alexander tet for 150,000 pounds!  Months ago I wrote and told him about it being a tourist fake and he wrote back saying he would check it out, but continues to relist it anyway. 
shaverraver  (2018, April. Cast fakes, including a Pertinax)
shoukhann (Sept. 2015, several poorly photographed low-grade common coins and a fake very rare Niginian unidentifed. You cannot trust his ancient coins.)
silverdenar   (June 2015, fake Lysimachos, Alexander, Laelianus. March 2018, fake Celtic Danube drachm, Apolonnia Pontica hemidrachm, others. Still at it in Sept. 2018)
simon_hazl  (might be = all those with "035" at the end)
sirina-lv    (2018 Oct. All ancients are fakes. Claudius, Carcalla, Haniballian, Pompey)
Singidunum-bg   (was Dalp-s)
sirpens  (fakes on eBay Spain)
sjbcoins (I saw an Aelius very tooled 11/26/07, a fake 12/3/07)
sjblencoe    (2020, Jan.  12,600 100% positive feedback, but poor surfaces and weak "strikes" on too many coins and many ragged flans on types that do not normally have ragged flans.)
softpelz  (Feb. 2015, two pretty obvious denarius fakes among low grade AE and non-coin offerings)
sokadee850   (2019, May. All silver fakes. No description. Low staring prices. Not very deceptive.)
solid2321 (2020, Feb. Fake Bar Kochba coins)   
solidus_2012  (3 fakes, among 3, March 20, 20140
solina11   Amhad Hamdi, Ontario
sonyadicto6  (2017, April, numerous fakes. Sestertii, denarii, even a medallion)
sou0401  (2016, Feb. All three of his "coins to identify" (in French) are modern cast fakes)
sparatok907 (2018, Feb. Nine poor fakes from Bulgaria.)
spetsnaz  (March 2015, fake RR brockage. Twinned with other fakes from other fakesellers. Other RR doubtful.)
spqr_numismatics  (2018, Dec. Fake owls, Hadrian CAESAR elephant, etc. All fakes. Still at it May 2020. All fakes with "authenticity guarantee for lifetime")
sss88sss  (2022, April. Lots of fake early medieval coins. October, many Byzantine Cherson fakes.)
stageor19  (2023, Oct.  Augustus denarius, Philips II tetradrachm, Marc Antony galley, etc.)

stamgeorg   (2020, July. Some genuine coins but the "best" are fakes Regalianus, Aelia Eudocia, Orbiana, Julia Titi)
star4eto80  (2018, August. Fake Greek gold. Fakes drachms.)
stardust310   (2018, October. All fakes. Fake Tiberius, Otho, Matidia, Nero and Agrippina. He has changed sellername five times in the last nine months.)
stefromky  (March 2016 several doubtful denaii--some very deceptive, but some surfaces look burnt or wtih too many ragged edge cracks. June 2106 fake high-value denarius types)
stpgallery  (2020, May. 300 count, 100% feedback. Nevertheless, all fakes. Athens owl, Philip II, Alexander the Great, lots of others. Maximian argenteus.)
stunningdeals05  (2021, Feb. mostly fake antiquities, and the "ancient" coins are fake)
stutheblue67   (2018, March. Caesar elephant, Julia Domna, Julius Caesar cast fakes)
suleimancoins.com   http://www.suleimancoins.com/    (Nov. 2015. He may say "All Coins are guaranteed for eternity" but too many are fake, nevertheless)
sumstani   (2016, June 18. At this itme, only 28 feedback with 91% positive. All fakes. Roman imperial silver, Greek silver. etc.)
sunrise7777  (August 2015, several cast fake denarii -- even the seam is visible. 2017 Jan. has many fakes)
superlizz1  (2017, late May, has many modern fakes and no genuine ancient coins. Says they might be reproductions, but leaves doubt. Really, there is no doubt. They are fakes.)
sussi01negro   (Just be careful. Cast fake in good style Sept. 10, 2010, another expensive Syracuse tetr Oct. 10 (twinned with a fake), but many coins seem good. Fake beat up denarii and siliquae 10/10, fake Republican denarii, 11/17/10)
sunnytimee (2018, March. Numerous fakes. Denarii of Septimius Severus, Sabina, Trajan, etc. and silver Greek fakes too.)
swamisells   (June 2018. When presented with convincing evidence a rare Republican coin was a BM copy, he acknowledge the message but did not take it down)
sylvester.ekaterina  (fake Byz and late Roman gold, August 2008, Roman denarii, May 2013)
szszs  (0 feedback as of 10/2/10 and selling a lot of 1000 late Roman with fakes, "from his personal collection")

tanya199264   (2018, April. 14 fakes, no genuine coins.)
tarif0071  (cast, deceptive, fakes 7/2013)
tarifsam of Amman, Jordan
tb_88288838*  Name: Tonny Brown Company: antiques art City: manchester State: Lancashire
Country: United Kingdom Phone: 01612619742 Registered Since: Saturday, 18 Apr, 2009 01:40:10 BST
tekalf734   (late Dec. 2016, all 15 of his "denarii" are Bulgarian fakes. Still selling fakes April 2017 and May 2017)
telcoin (all cast fakes Feb. 8, 2013)
terra-romana22      (2023, Jan. Lysimachos gold, Lydian gold, Gordian I sestertius, many others)

tersanabri-22  (2020 May. Otacilia Severa, Didia Clara [the vast majority of these on eBay are fake], gold)
theancientworldart  (July 2017, fake Ostorgothic siliqua)
theemperor27  (2015, Jan. fake Tranqullina denarius, Plautilla denarius, Licinius "argenteus", Nov. 2015 many fakes)
theod2011  (June, 2105, many small-denomination Greek silver fakes)
theodosevastiano0   (2017, Nov. all fakes. Julius Caesar elephant, Marc Antony quinarius, Histiaea tetraobol, and many other commnly faked coins. Cyprus seller.)
thessalonikiseller  (2018, August. Fake owls, Nigrinian, Prusias, etc. He changed his sellername from dimitristesalon.)
thracianland  (2018, March. Fakes Phocas, Pertinax, Merovingian, Byzantine silver. Fakes of all series.)
tiberius_coins  (2018, March. Numerous fake denarii)
tigh-na-heile   (numerous cast Roman and Greek fakes, unidentified, 5/11/11)
time-to-collect-uk   (fakes, but labeled "replica item" which you might not notice)
titusflavian  (Steve Blencoe)
tkachena (2020, Feb. Fake Hadrian aureus offered "buy now" at $1400 but much less than it would be worth. Most of his items are shoes!)
tnt019  (Michael Hibbs, with gold and other fakes)
todorjivkov2014  (Feb. 2015, all obvious fakes, Bulgarian, more through May, too)
top_tectonic32  (expensive fakes, including gold. Clearly a criminal.)
torain7   (2020, July. Lots of fake denarii. Gordian II, Julius Caesar, Trajan DAC CAP, etc.)
torotor911  (2017 Nov. numerous silver reproductions, even an EID MAR, Panticipaion stater, etc. and each is brand new without any description beyond the tag line. He doesn't say they are genuine, but he doesn't say they are repros either. Over 1000 feedback and only 97.5% positive.)
tosh-000 (2022, June) Sell modern reproductions clearly labeled as "new handstruck". They are not very deceptive anyway.)
tpsngallery  (2020, Sept. Lots of fake denarii. Brutus, Augustus., etc. Fake Greek silver. Istros, Rhodes, Kaunos, etc.)  
Trakart081   (Trakart081 is Bulshop555)
Tranent    (2021, Jan. All poor fakes of imporant denarius types -- rare rulers, etc.) 
Treasures of the World
treasury_museum  (not fakes, but lies about rarity and ridiculously high prices, Oct. 2013)
trew123410  (new seller, May 2017. All denarius fakes)
troyanka  (2020, July. All fakes. 2021, August. Fakes, including a Jewish war shekel with a silly story it is the "30 pieces of silver")) 
trump***   (Raya Valkanova)
tpsngallery  (2020, Sept. Numerous fake imperial denarii, most a little weak. Also Republican denarius fakes.)   
tumbale_0   (2019, June. Sells reproductions as reproductions. Pretty deceptive denarii.) 
turcumansells  (march, 2015, numerous fake denarii and only fakes, pretty deceptive)

ubm04330   (unethical practices, discussed 5/1/08)
uddiyanaart4   (2020, June. Many fake Indo-Greek gold. Seller from Thailand, which is a red flag)    
unique-market   (2018, May. Fake silver of Apollonica, Parion, Julia Domna, Aelius, Maximinus Thrax, etc. More, including Greek Philip II tetradrachm noted in October.)
uniques77777  (2017, Jan.  All coins are denarius fakes. 2018, April. All "ancient" rings are modern, not ancient.)
uncle_jons_attic  (2017 Oct. numerous fakes, not very deceptive--more like reproductions)
unseen_pyramid  (2020, May. Mostly jewelry, but the ancient coins are all fakes. Baktrian, Sasanian, Alexander the Great, ...)
urielkyriakou   (July 2013, numerous sestertii fakes)
user_not_found    (2020, Jan.  On the pages he says "I Do Not Guarantee The Authenticity Of Raw Ancient Coins.”  This is a big red flag and he has sold at least one fake, a Nero sestertius. He also has some genuine coins for sale.)
uterefelix -> vivitelaeti ->  optimo-principi = M. Stankov

valina99 (2022, Sept. Cast imitations, metal not right [silver ants in copper] and surfaces showing roughness of casting, and unusual medieval coins.) 
vallface   (2020, Sept. Fake denarii, had many fake early medieval)   
variana_museum  (Sept. 2014 has two fake argentii and a fake 1/3 siliqua among a number of AE that look authentic)
varouxi   (Dec. 2105. Has replicas discretely labled as replicas. Many more June 2016.)
velkuk2015  (new, April 2015, with sestertius and miliarense fakes. He's from Bulgaria)
venis-shop  (2017, May. Pretty deceptive denarius fakes. Bulgraian seller.) 
vergina**  (99.1% positive! as of 7/20/08)
vespasiana1981   (2018, August. Same account holder as violetadomina and other usernames for fakesellers)
vestodoo  (2019, August.  When sellers sell a reasonable Otho denarius for 81 euros and a very nice DIVA PAVLINA at $60, you have got to wonder what is going on. The answer is they are fakes!)
vetacoins   (2020, June. Fake Byzantine bronzes. Hadrian sestertius. Denarii of several emperors. Still selling fakes Feb. 2022.)
vetoni86  (2021, Oct. Still selling fakes.)
viktoriya-uk  (June 2013, 3 expensive coins, all fakes. Greek location)
victoriqn  (2014 sold a fake Vetranio and never responded at all to repeated requests for a refund)
vintage.intaglio  (2018, Oct. mostly modern jewelry touted as old. The one "ancient" coin, an Alexander the Great, is a fake)
vintage_items925  (2022, March. Many cast fakes that look weak or the wrong metal.)
vintagepishkaproject  (2017, Jan. Lots of cast fakes)
virulipa46   (2019, Oct. Fakes, many with a light-colored cover)
vitaliy_0  (2017, Sept. fakes of denarii.)
vivitelaeti   (many genuine but many good fakes, too. Added 9/20/08).
vivitelaeti -> uterefelix -> optimo-principi = M. Stankov
volk_65   (2021, May. Many denarius fakes. Better types, but poor surfaces, many with black deposits.)
vonhofen   (2019, April. All his numerous denarii are poor fakes)

weltkunstfritz  (more fakes 10/2013)
worldwidestore.com   Terry Kubiak, 14805 NE 39TH ST, VANCOUVER, WA 98682-8273
worthashot101  (2017 Jan. Many poor fakes with bad surfaces)
WRL countermarks are on modern cast replicas and are clearly marked as such with the lettering WRL, Westair Reproductions Ltd, they are based in Birmingham England.

xarioteer  (mostly okay coins, but some doubtful coins over time. Just be careful.)
Xitancients  (mostly real, but a few fakes)
Xovana  = Peter & Irena Petrov (Imperatorial, Alexandriacoins, Serdiko, Peshkathecat2)
xra_363  (2019, Jan. Fake Julius Caesar denarius and Marc Antony galley)

yamartin44  (2016, late April. Out-of-focus fake silver, Greek and Roman. Lots of fake late Roman gold.)
yanaki00  (new seller, Dec. 2014, all cast AE fakes, mostly of sestertii)
yevhsht-0  (2020, August. Excellent-style reproductions. He admits they are reproductions at the end of the listing, but the opening level is high enough to suggest a potentially good deal on a genuine coin. Don't be fooled; they are fakes.) 
ynu656  (2022, Nov.  Augustus denarii, Tiberius, Faustina Sr., Istros, etc.)
yordazaharie-5   (late 2016, early 2017, some convincing fake Roman silver)
yordkras-0   (2020, March. New seller. Bulgaria. All pretty deceptive fake denarii.)
youg  (aka primagerma and 9722louis)
young_caesar999  (new, June 2013, with two deceptive fake Hadrian denarii. Feb. 23, 2014 deceptive fake Nero, March 2014 more fakes. March 2015 more fakes, silver and AE)
zade-nikol  (March 21, 2015, fake Didius Julianu and Balbinus denarii, asnd others)
zemun  (1 coin offered, total, so far, as of 11/1/10, a deceptive Trajan sest fake)
zipizape2000   (Spanish seller, lots of okay coins, denarius fake 2/8/12)
zvezda503-2009  [the re-appearance of the NARU'd Simon_hazl ]
Zurqieh   (not a seller of outright fakes, but most of his coin have modern artificial surfaces with lovely light orange-yellow applied cover. If collectors decide they don't like this type of modern alteration, the coins with it may plummit in value)

*big.deals*  (claims they are "unresearched", but they are fakes)    
*****spqr*****   (this is not the same as s*p*q*r)  (very deceptive denarii)

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