Mines, coins of the  (Roman coins of the second century AD, Trajan - Marcus Aurelius)

CNG 49  (3/99)  mbs.  2076 ancients among 2349.  888 G (including 12 AE Kings of the Bosporus), 250 RP, 59 Roman Egypt, 98 RR, 576 RI (including 59 AE fractions and quadrans), 6 DA, 103 Byz, Viking 4, 28 Celtic England, 17 English DA, 25 English
    Roman imperial AE fractions (59, including 6 of the mines), Augustus (41)

Lanz 82 (1997, Nov. 24) 7 pieces
Lanz 92 (1999, June 4-5) 4 pieces
Berk 98 (1997, Oct.) 5 pieces

Numerous catalogs have one or two pieces.



"Coins of the Roman mines" by Harvey Shore in The Celator, Dec. 1998, pages 22, 24-25, with 6 photos.  Lists and discusses the five general groups.
"Coins of the Roman mines" by Gregory G. Brunk in SAN, the journal of the Society for Ancient Numismatics, volume III.1, 1971-72, pages 5-6, 4 one-sided images.

"Coins of the Roman Mines" by Gregory G. Bruck in SAN VII.2, Winter 1975-6, has only one paragraph on these coins, with more on countermarks, city issues, lead coins from Roman Egypt, and barbarous imitations. In spite of the title, it is not about the coins usually called "coins of the mines".



BMC III page cix  (2/3 page of comments by Mattingly), pages 533-5 for types, and plate 98 for images (of the Trajan-Hadrian era types). BMC IV, page xcii has a short comment that the type continues that discussed in volume III, and page 370 and pages 687 list two types, neither of which is pictured or in the BM.

RIC II, page 214, with one paragraph, p. 294-5 cataloging 8 types under Trajan, and p.474-5 cataloging 6 types under Hadrian.
RIC III, page 157 cataloging one type of Antoninus Pius (plate 8.3), and page 313, with one type cataloged under Marcus (no photo), but I know there are two similar varieties, one radiate and one laureate.

David Vagi, Coinage and History of the Roman Empire, volume 2, lists them on pages 332-3.


Comment:  It seems there is very little information readily available about this series of coins. If you know of a source, let me know. W

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