Jewish and Holy Land Ancient-Coin Reference Works, especially Ancient Coin Auction Catalogs

Books: David Hendin is author of the best reference, Guide to Biblical Coins, Fifth Edition.  There are many books on "Holy Land" or "Jewish" or "Bible" coins. The book part of this web  page is not yet ready, but here is the catalog part:

Sale Catalogs:

    Many catalogs have a selection of fine ancient Jewish coinage. A search of the main site will show that, for example, CNG often has small, but excellent, selections.
    These are listed here because they emphasize Jewish coins, Jewish-related Roman coins, or Holy Land city coins (usually all three types). 

Superior  1995,  Dec. 8-9. "The New York International Numismatic Convention Auction of the Dr. Jonathan A. Herbst Collection of Ancient Judaean Coinage" VHV. MQP. 773 ancients among 1566, illustrated throughout in B&W (photos okay but slightly dark). 53 G, 26 RR, 124 RI (including numerous highest quality sesterii), 46 Byz AV several very rare, followed by the Herbst Collection of 264 highest-quality Jewish, 58 Jewish-related Roman, 176 Holy Land RP.  
    Jewish and Holy Land (498)

Superior 1991, Dec. 5.  "The Abraham Bromberg Collection of Jewish Coins, Part I",  HV. HQP.  315 ancients, illustrated throughout, with two coins per page and a few enlargements. 274 Jewish, 41 Jewish-related Roman
    Jewish (315)
Superior 1992, Dec. 10.  "The Abraham Bromberg Collection of Jewish Coins, Part II", HV. HQP.  311 ancients, illustrated throughout, with two coins per page and a few enlargements. 277 Jewish, 34 Jewish-related Roman
        Jewish (311)

Superior 1993, Dec. 8.  "The Abramowitz Family Collection of Judean and Biblical Related Coinage" HV. MQP. 437 lots of ancients plus some large lots. Illustrated throughout with pictures that are slightly dark. 168 Jewish (some VHV) and Jewish-related Roman, 82 Holy Land city coins,  155 G.
        Jewish and Jewish-related (249)

(11/76) [#6, unnumbered]  MV. HQP.  1080 ancients. 180 G, 556 Jewish (includng many AE) and Jewish-related Roman, and Holy Land RP, 260 R, 43 Byz, 14 DA AE, 24 Arab-Byz.  On 47 ppl + 3 of enlargements
    Jewish and related (261), Holy Land Roman Provincial (295), Dark Ages AE (14), Arab Byz (21)
34  (10/98)  MV. HQP.  846 ancients among 1325. On 44 ppl + 5 E + 1 color (among a total of 91 ppl + 6 E + 7 color).
    149 G, 40 Samarian and Jehud, 321 Holy Land Roman Provincial, 82 other Jewish and related, 24 Arab-Palestine, 11 Crusader, 104 R, 7 Visigothic, 4 Byz.
    Samarian and Yehud (40), Holy Land Roman Provincial (321), other Jewish and related (82), Arab-Palestine (24)

(21)  1963, April 3.  "Jewish Coins" small format.  HV. MQP. 119 Jewish (28 Roman Jewish-related, rest Jewish)  photos from casts.
        Jewish (119)

M&M Basel
32  (11/66)  529 lots. 32 ppl Greek, Palestine included.
    Jewish and especially Holy Land city bronze coins (15 ppl)

3  (3/76)  "Judean and Biblical Coins"  (Horizontal format) A specialized collection of Judean and Biblical Coins. MQP. 162 coins. Thin catalog, with short descriptions.  Most, but not all, coins on 8 B&W ppl.
    Jewish, Holy Land (162)
28  (4/92)  MW. MQP. "Spring mail-bid sale" 1544 ancients. 550 Jewish and related, 96 Celtic, 308 G, 486 R, 77 Byz.
    Jewish and related (550), Celtic (96)

75  (10/99)  HV. HQP. 348 ancients among 1647. Thick catalog. 22 Philisto-Arabia, 85 Jewish, 218 R, 22 Byz.  (Only a small fraction is Jewish, but thy are HV.)
    Philisto-Arabian (22)
86 (5-6 May 2003) HV, HQP 1156 ancients, illustrated throughout, many with enlargements, plus 4 color E. 120 Celtic of Britain, 75 Celtic of Gaul, 223 G, 178 Jewish, 91 RR, 331 RI, 21 Byz, 50 DA
    Celtic of Britain (120), Celtic of Gaul (75), Jewish (178, HV), Dark Ages (50)

M&M Deutschland (Weil am Rhein, Germany)
18  (2005, Oct. 5)  "Sammlung Righetti part 6, Coins of the Holy Land." MLV. MQP. 358 ancients among 934. 288 city coins of the Holy Land, 37 Jewish, 22 G, 2 RP, 2 RR, 1 RI.
    Roman provincial city coins of the Holy Land (mostly low grade) (288) 


Many dealers regularly carry good selections of ancient Jewish and Holy Land coins.

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