Architectural Ancient-Coin Types (mostly temples)

Reference works


Tameanko, Marvin.  Monumental Coins: Buildings and Structures on Ancient Coinage.  1999. HC. 242 pages. Large format.  [Relatively inexpensive because they printed too many copies for the market. Many line drawings and 100 coins life-size in B&W on page plates. Only Roman imperial coins.]

Elkins, Nathan. Monuments in Miniature: Architecture on Roman Coinage. 2015. HC. 

Hill, Philip. The Monuments of Ancient Rome as Coin Types.  1989. HC. 145 pages. 203 photographs, enlarged, of casts, usually only the one side. Monuments in the city of Rome only.]

Price, Martin Jessop and Bluma L. Trell.  Coins and Their Cities.  1977  HC.  [Provincial coins. A beautiful book with 522 illustrations and a comprehensive list of 862 provoncial types. Lots of discussion of how to interpret the designs.]

Donaldson, T. L. Ancient Architecture on Greek and Roman Coins and Medals. HC. 1859 (note the date), reprinted in 1965. 361 pages. 92 line-drawings. No photos. [Not up to modern standards.]



M&M GMBH 11  (11/02)  1015 ancients among 1486 on 44 ppl among 70, plus 1 E. architectural types (mostly temples) 217 RP plus 145 R. 492 G, 115 RR, 39 RI, 3 Byz.    
    architectural (217 Roman provincial plus 145 Roman)

Waddell fixed price 2/82. 8 pages of plates, 71 coins.

Bonhans  10/82,  Kovacs collection. 10 pages of plates, 233 coins with reverse photos only Kovacs fixed price 29. 83 coins.


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