Architectural Ancient-Coin Types


Waddell fixed price 2/82. 8 pages of plates, 71 coins.
Bonhans  10/82,  Kovacs collection. 10 pages of plates, 233 coins with reverse photos only
Kovacs fixed price 29. 83 coins.
M&M GMBH 11  (11/02)  1015 ancients among 1486 on 44 ppl among 70, plus 1 E. architectural types (mostly temples) 217 RP plus 145 R. 492 G, 115 RR, 39 RI, 3 Byz.
    architectural (217 Roman provincial plus 145 Roman)


Reference works


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Trell, Bluma L. "Architectura Numismatica Orientalis. A short guide to the numismatic formulae of Roman Syrian die-makers," NC 1970, 29-50, plates with 120 fig.

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