Nabataean coin references

I am unaware of any auction catalogs with good selections of Nabataean coins for sale. If you know of any, please let me know.

Books and Articles

Coins of the Holy Land : the Abraham and Marian Sofaer Collection at the American Numismatic Society and the Israel Museum, by Ya'akov Meshorer (2013). Hardcover.
Volume I (text only) pages 223-229 with two pages of commentary and five pages describing 84 coins and volume II plates 183-188, illustrating all 84.  Published by the ANS.

SNG ANS part 6, Palestine-South Arabia. HC. Folio. 28 pieces.  [A large but very inexpensive reference for coins of the region. No commentary.]

Huth, Martin. Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms: Ancient Arabian Coins from the Collection of Martin Huth.* 2010 HC. ANS series Ancient Coin in North American Collections, volume 10. [Part of a pair, this volume has no commentary but a page plate with 32 examples illustrating the Nabataean denominations selected from 63 pieces on additional plates, most with one or both sides also enlarged. The volume is expensive. I do not yet know how much of the commentary volume covers Nabataean coinage.]
Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms : Studies in Ancient Arabian Monetization, by Huth, Martin and Peter G. Van Alfen. [This volume is available from the ANS, but is expensive.]

Numismatic Chronicle.  A series of articles in three parts:
1989 "Nabataean coinage. Part I, the silver content measured by X-ray flourescence analysis," by Schmitt-Korte, Karl and Michael Cowell. Vol. 149 (1989), pages 33-58, 7 page plates, 4 of silver coins and 3 of microphographs of cross sections.
1990 "Nabataean coinage. Part 2, new coin types and variants," by Schmitt-Korte, Karl. Vol. 150 (1990), pages 105-133, 6 page plates.
1994 "Nabataean coinage. Part 3, The Nabataean monetary system," by Schmitt-Korte and Martin Price. Vol. 154 (1994), pages 67-131 and plates 10-12.

2006 "Seven new silver coins of Malichus I and Obodas III," by R. Barkay, Volume 166, pages 99-103.

Meshorer, Yaakov. Nabataean Coins. 1975. QEDEM monographs, #3, Hebrew U of Jerusalem.  [The classic work, hard to find, with all types known then listed and illustrated, with multiple coins listed (not photographed) with their weights, if known. The multiplicity gives a crude indictation of type frequency.  Modern research has added some types to the list (see NC 1990 above) but most of his attributions are still accepted. This book has 205 types. The Schmitt-Korte articles incresed this to almost 300.]

BMC Greek. Arabia
Catalogue of the Greek coins of Arabia, Mesopotamia and Persia (Nabataea, Arabia Provincia, S. Arabia, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Assyria, Persia, Alexandrine empire of the East, Persis, Elymais, Characene) 44 illustrated darkly on plates 1 and 2.

The handbook
Hoover, Oliver. Handbook of Coins of the Southern Levant, Fifth to First Centuries BC. HC. 2010. (volume 10) has 15 pieces, but only through Malichos I, so it does not cover Aretas IV or later.

Hoover, Oliver D. "A reassessment of Nabataean lead coinage in light of new discoveries," Numismatic Chronicle 166 (2006) 105-119, plates 27-30

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