Greek AE reference works, including books and ancient-coin auction catalogs
    Partially Revised 10/12/17

This is a huge subject. Here are suggestions for
1)  Books that emphasize on AE Greek coins. 
2)  Books with much on Greek AE, but not exclusively on AE.
3)  Sale catalogs that emphasize collections of Greek AE. 

Books that focus on AE coins: 

    Henry Clay Lindgren produced three volumes on Greek AE, mostly lower grade pieces. They are excellent references, but do not emphasize quality. Many of the coins are actually Roman Provincial coins. 
Ancient Bronze Coins of Asia Minor and the Levant, Lindgren and Kovacs, 1985  (comes in both cardcover and hardcover)
Ancient Greek Bronze Coins: European Mints, Lindgren, 1989
Lindgren III. Ancient Greek Bronze Coins from the Lindgren Collection, Lindgren, 1993

SNG volume X The John Morcom Collection of Western Greek Bronze Coins, by John Morcom.  Excellent for Greek AE of Sicily and Italy 

SNG Greece 7, The Kikpe Collection of Bronze Coins, Volume 1. 1229 Greek AE (not provincial). A broad selection. 

SNG volume XI, The William Stancomb Collection of Coins of the Black Sea Region, by Willam Stancomb.  Mostly AE.


Other books with good selections of Greek AE coins, more or less in an order which considers a balance of usefulness and price. 

Greek Coins and Their Values, by David Sear, in 2 volumes. 

Hoover, Oliver. Handbook of Greek Coinage Series. Nine books exist of a projected 13 or 14. They are titled "Handbook of ...." with some region completing the title (e.g. "Syrian Coins" or "coins of Sicily"). This will replace BMC Greek, I think. It has very extensive coverage of all Greek coins (not just AE) with most types photographed.

The Weber Collection (Leonard Forrer) in 3 volumes  
Fitzwilliam Museum Catalog of The McClean Collection of Greek Coins (Grose) in 3 volumes.
Historia Numorum Italy (Keith Rutter)  Thorough for coins of Italy not including Sicily. 

SNG Copenhagen (Danish).  In 8 reprint voumes, plus 1 supplement volume. A best single series work on Greek coins when complete illustrations are desired ("best" until Hoover is completed). 

BMC Greek in 29 volumes

"Klein".  Sammlung von Grieschischen Kleinsilbermunzen und Bronzen, by Dieter Klien. Nomismata 3. 1999. Hardcover. 820 small ancient coins in 8' x 11 1/4" SNG format, about half AE.  [In case you didn't know, "Klein" means "small" in German.]

Corpus Nummorum Siculorum. La monetazione de Bronzo, by Calciati, R. 3 volumes together. Vol. 1-Areas I, II and III. 397 pp. 2500 ill. (375 enlargements). Vol. 2-Area IV
        (Syracuse, Symmachy). 492pp. 2463 ill. (900 enlargements). Vol. 3-Areas V, VI, VII and VIII, plus Addenda.  425 pp. 3000 ill (917 enlargements).   [c. $800]
SNGs too numerous to mention, often specific to a geographical region.
For Italy, Historia Numorum Italy, by Keith Rutter.  2678 Greek types from Italy only, many AE, and most (not all) photographed on 42 page plates. 223 pages of text (with format a lot like RPC, if you know that series).

Sale catalogs.

Most catalogs from most firms have some Greek AE. This web page is intended to seperate out those catalogs really worth consulting with the expectation that the coins are outstanding or the selection is unusually good. 
    I consider the "Greek" coins that are "Greek Imperial" or "Roman Provincial" to belong in a different category.   

Triton V = CNG 59 (1/02) in two volumes, Part I is the "David Freedman collection of Greek bronze coins"  600 Greek AE. Many enlargements throughout + 5 color E.
    Greek AE (600)  highest quality coins. (Triton V comes with two volumes, but these are separated into volume 1.)

Leu 6  (5/73)  HV. MQP.  "Sammlung Tom Virzi, New York" 300 superb Greek AE on 15 ppl from casts + 1 color E. 
    Greek AE (300)

M&M 76  (9/91)  HV. MQP. Thick for an M&M catalog. 917 ancients + 183 Arabic on 55 ppl + 2 E + 11 ppl of Arabic among 95 ppl. 841 G, 75 R, 183 Arabic 
    Greek AE (among 917)Arabic (183)

31  (10/96)  MV, MQP.  936 Greek of Italy and Sicily on 35 ppl. + 1 E. About half AE and many AR fractions.
    Greek of Italy and Sicily (936), about half Greek AE and many Greek AR fractions

M&M Deutschland  17  (2005, Oct. 4) "Sammlung Hans Hermann Gutknecht"  MLV. MQP.  1233 Greek, almost all AE, + 4 color ppl.  1149 G AE, 62 G silver.
   Greek AE  (1233)     [Not the highest grade, but extensive coverage and all Greek AE, with real prices realized] 

133  (2007, Oct. 11-12) including the "Friedrich Popken collection of Greek bronze coins" HV. VHQP. 2553 ancients, all in color, many with enlagements in color.  809 very high grade Greek AE, 27 RP, 23 Celtic, 438 G, 178 RR, 670 RI, 8 DA, 149 Byz with some AE.  [This might be the most beautiful catalog of Greek AE ever printed.]
    Greek AE (809)

NAC 8  (4/95)  HV. VHQP.  981 ancients on 68 ppl + 12 E + 8 colr E.  451 G, 279 Republican AR and AE, 246 Roman imperial 
    Roman Republican AE (100), Greek AE of Italy (148)
NAC  E  (4/95)  1313 ancients among 1389 on 62 ppl among 67 ppl.  614 G, 698 R, 30 crusader. 
    Roman Republican struck AE (77), Greek AE of Italy (190)

Lanz 105  (26 Nov. 2001) "BCD Collection Corinth" 981 ancient coins of Corinth. An important collection and catalog. MV. MQP. 
    Greek Corinth  (981)   [many AE] 
Lanz   111 (25 Nov. 2002) "BCD Collection Euboia" MV. MQP. 604 Greek coins of Euboia. THE catalog for Euboia.
    Greek Euboia (604)     [many AE]
Lanz 131  (2006, 27 Nov.)  "Sammlung Karl. Coins of Caria" MV. HQP.  822 ancients, all in color.  An important specialized collection of coins of Caria including Rhodes.
    Caria (387), Rhodes (438, including 142 AE) 
LHS 96  (2006, May 8-9) MV. HQP. "Coins of Peloponnesos, The BCD Collection." Hardcover. 423 pages. 1775 lots of ancients from the Greek Peloponnesos. B&W photos. Only a few enlargements. This is the definitive catalog which supercedes BMC by far. It is far more than a sale catalog -- it is the most thorough and up-to-date catalog with extensive commentary from two great scholars (BCD and ASW). It does not include coins of Corinth (the BCD collection was sold in Lanz 105 which is an essential reference for Corinth) and the selection from Olympia/Elis is good, but not complete because most BCD pieces were sold in Leu 90 (listed above). A separate index is available. 
    Greek Peloponnesos (1775)  

Other catalogs with Greek AE, but not so outstanding.

51  (9/99)  mbs.  1816 ancients among 1951. 804 G, 214 RP, 123 RR, 413 RI, 5 DA, 233 Byz, 7 Celtic England, 8 pennies 
    Greek AE of Sicily (c. 83), Athens AE (28), Ionian electrum (16), Kroisos (14), Armenia (47)
CNG 61 (9/02) mbs. Distinctly less well-illustrated. Many lots were only illustrated on-line and not in the catalog.  2324 ancients among 2753. 1004 G (including 327 AE, many not illustrated), 83 RP, 501 RR, 573 RI, 141 Byz (including 15 DA), 4 Celtic England, 2 English DA, 16 pennies. 
    Severan (Melcher collection, 149), Greek AE (among 327)

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