Coins of First Century Roman Emperors--Reference Works.


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Sear, David. Roman Coins and their Values, Volume I, the millenium edition. The best known collectors guide. It is not complete, but covers most types you encounter (not all are photographed). It can be used a checklist.

RIC volume 1 (revised edition) covers 31 BC to AD 69. It is comprehensive and has much discussion as well as a complet list of types and many photographs.
RIC volume II.1 (second edition) on the Flavians (Vespasian through Domitian) is up-to-date and extremely well illustrated. It is the standard scholarly reference. 
BMC Roman volume II on the Flavians (Vespasian through Domitian) is also very well-illustrated and nearly complete, but not quite as thorough as RIC II.1.

Sutherland, C.H.V.  Coinage in Roman Imperial Policy: 31 BC - AD 68.   1978. HC
Sutherland, C.H.V.  The Emperor and the Coinage: Julio-Claudian Studies.  1976.  HC.
    These two are similar and cover the relationship between imperial policy and coinage.


Ancient coin auction-sale catalogs emphasizing them.

Augustus has his own page of references.


The Flavians

Gemini IX (2012, Jan 8) [Berk and Kreindler] HV. HQP. 767 lots of ancients including 182 from the Phil Davis collection of Dacian and other imitations of Roman Republican denarii. 236 G, 14 RR, 21 RI before Vespasian, 207 Flavian (Vespasian-Domitian, with emphasis on Jewish-related), 49 RI post Flavian, 24 Byz, 31 English hammered.
    Flavian (Vespasian-Domitian) 207, Roman Republican denarius imitations (182 lots)
X (2013, Jan. 13) [Berk and Kreindler] 798 ancients and 33 group lots.
    Flavians (Vespasian - Domitian) (149)

Vespasian. New York Sale III (Dec. 2000) lots 631-651.

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