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Article titles are indented and those with bold words are likely to be of great interest to collectors interested in those themes. Those double-indented are ones I judge to be of interest, but less so because they are shorter or on a narrow topic.

The Celator has had some regular columnists.
Hendin =  David Hendin's column on "Coins of the Bible," almost always of interest to collectors of Jewish and Biblical coins.
Davis = Phil Davis, who writes "The Other Side" column.
Hauck = James Hauck who wrote an "Ask the Experts" column with experts interviewed to get answer rto eader's basic questions.
Liebert = David Liebert, who writes a column on antiquities
Sayles = Wayne Sayles, former publisher of the Celator, who writes a eclectic column "Through the looking glass"

July 1995    
    Trajan Decius    
Understanding auction reserves             Collecting
        Maximinus I Thrax  (His gigantic size)                    Roman

January 2004
    Horse/Palm tree tetradrachms; The first Carthaginian coins, by John Tatman        Greek
    Campgate bronzes and Roman fire signaling, by Murry K. Dahm                late Roman
    Apollo Lykeios in Ancient Tarsus numismatics, by Bekircan Tahberer            Tarsus, Tarsos, Roman provincial, Greek
        long letter by David Wend on previous (Nov. 2003) Sejanus article                Roman
    important review by Alan Walker of Cayon's book on Roman Aurei            Roman gold
    Domitian and the 'Judaea Capta', by Hendin                                                   Roman provincial, Holy land,                
        Cleaning, smoothing, and tooling column on "Ask the experts" by James Hauck        collecting

April 2004
    Dacian and Celtic imitations of Republican denarii, by Phillip Davis                Roman Republican, imitations
    Twelve Caesars, nine years, and 856 dollars, by Robert Boston  (about collecting on a low budget)    collecting
    ... a Sinopean coin ...., by Stephan Freegger  (is it really an eagle's head?)       Greek
    Silphium again, by Simon Bendal (an oil lamp with a silphium plant)
    Ring money makes big money, by Chris Rudd. (Why was British gold ring money used for?)      
        The value of an unpublished Roman Republican type, by Phil Davis  (how can one decide the value of a rare coin?)    Collecting
    Ancient forgeries are discussed, by Hendin    (not forgeries of ancients, but ancient forgeries like fourrees)        imitations
        Patinas on bronze coins, an Ask the Experts column by James Hauck

July 2005
    Faces of Empire, Part I, by Cornelius Vermeule,  "Augustus and Tiberius, 31 BC-37AD."  A seven-part series on Roman portraiture, emphasizing statuary busts in US museum collections.      Roman
    Coins of Hsienyang--City of the first emperor of China, by Marin Tameanko        Chinese
    Coins of Knossos and the Minotaur, by Charles Suter   (with a labyrinth)          Greek
        Sasanian seals, by Liebert                    Sasanian
    Siege money of ancient Israel, by Hendin    (repeats his July 1992 column)     Jewish
       The King's crown, by Sayles  (the reference of that apparent crown on a facing bust on a Turkoman bronze)    Turkoman bronze
August 2005
    Faces of Empire, Part II, by Cornelius Vermeule, "Caesar's legacy, Princely follies, 44 BC-68 AD"            Roman
    Otho on horseback--A rare and historical coin, by Jyrki Muona  (a die study of and commentary on one particular Otho type)   Roman
    A numismatic journey through Egyptian Islamic History, by Gamal Amer.  (Islamic history of Egypt illustrated by gold coins)     Arabic 
    News from the forgery front, by Ursula Kampmann  (what a collector can do to recognize fakes)      Collecting
    Historical notes on the Jerusalem Temple tax, by Hendin  (and the shekel of Tyre)          Jewish
September 2005
    Copies of the Thasos tetradrachms, revisited, by David Spencer Smith.  
            (A long article with numerous illustrations commenting on and extending four previous articles by Reid Goldsborough in 2000, July-Oct.)    Greek, Celtic
    Faces of Empire, Part II(B), by Cornelius Vermeule,  "More young faces: Caligula again and Nero reborn."        Roman
    More on the Tyre skekels, by Hendin.  (crude shekels may have been minted at Tyre and not Jerusalem, contra a proposal)     Jewish
       Coins: Part of a rich mosaic, by Sayles (on names for Roman coins and the monetary system)            Roman
    Hercules the snake-strangler, by Ursula Kampmann.            Greek
October 2005
    Copper owls:  The emergency coinage of Athens 406 BC, by Michael E. Marotta.          Greek, imitations
    Roman die found in military camp, by Pierre R. Monney                technology
    The Constantinian commemorative issues of 317/318 AD, by Gert Boersema.  
                           (AE3 and AE4 DIVO coins of Maximian, Claudius II, and Constantius I)         Roman
        More on Tyre shekel notes and a forgery warning, by Hendin.  (deceptive fakes of Roman provincial types from Marcianopolis and nearby cities, with 10 illustrated)
November 2005
    Faces of Empire, Part III, by Cornelius Vermeule, "The Flavians, Nerva and Trajan, 69-117AD"      Roman
    Mt. Vesuvius--Anatomy of an Eruption, by S. C. Stites.  (not connected to coins)                 Roman
        a long letter by Shachar disputing Hendin's comments in June 2005 about Shakar's article (published elsewhere)
                        on Hasmonean chronology of the YWNTN coins, with a response by Hendin.       Jewish
   Astronomer Hipparchus and his globe:  Back in the news again, by Robert S. McIvor.  (on a Roman provincial coin of Nicaea in Bithynia. The ancient conception of the globe.)
        Numbered denarii of L. Manlius Torquatus, by Davis.                Roman Republican   
   Hasmonean Chronology: More and more, by Hendin  (followup on a June 2005 article on overstruck coins of Alexander Jannaeus)        Jewish
        Some portrait bronzes of Aigai in Cilicia, by Sayles  (c. 20 AD, unattributed bust, possibly a Roman client king)
December 2005
    Faces of Empire, Part IV, by Cornelius Vermeule,  "Hadrian and the Antonines, 117 to 192"
    The later Roman empresses, by Jasper K. Burns.  (post Severan empresses to the end of empire)        Roman   
    Boy Bishop tokens of medieval England, by Rick Webster.  (issued for the festival of St. Nicholas)                medieval England   
    As Jesus began to appar on coins, by Hendin.                          Byzantine
        William Spenger obituary, by Sayles
        Byzantine coins--They are not just ugly scraps of bronze.  (The Internet Connection column. A very basic appeal to collectors.)

January 2006  
    Aphrodite:  Classical Greek goddess of War, by Derek R. Smith          Greek, types
    The 'archated lintel' and ancient coins, by Marvin Tameanko            Roman provincial, architectural
    An accidental collection: Thessalian League coinage, by Steve M. Benner (on copper coins and cleaning)       Greek
        a long letter, by Reid Goldsborough, on copies of Thasos tetradrachms   (continuing previous articles)       Greek
    gauging rarity of Roman Republican coins, by Davis
    Ituraean Kings of the North, by Hendin        Jewish
February 2006
    Faces of Empire, Part V, by Cornelius Vermeule, "The Severans and Successors" (Roman portrait busts of emperors)
    Metrology--Getting to know your coins, by Jorg Lueke.  (die axis, weight, specific gravity. Examples are Sasanian drachms)   collecting
        Empire and the logic of English as the language of numismatic scholarship, by Reid Goldsborough
    Ancient currency and ancient scale weights, by Hendin     Jewish, Biblical
March 2006
    Severina, Empress in her own right?  by John C. Christiansen        Roman
    Factors influencing auction estimates & final prices of Larissa facing head drachms, by Charles Shahar    Collecting
    Officina mark development at the mint of Antioch in the third century AD, by Douglas O. Rosenberg        Roman provincial, Roman
        Roman Republican rarities, especially Muses, by Davis                    Roman Republican
    City coins of the Holy Land, by Hendin        Roman provincial
April 2006
    Distinctive features of Kushan coins, Part I, by David Jongeward   
    Notes of a Jerusalem mintage Vespasian tetradrachm, by Ronn Berrol (related to the Shekel of Tyre)       Jewish, Roman provincial
    Parthian forgeries: The numismatic evidence, by Farhang Khademi Nadooshan, et al.            Parthian
        Diocletian argenteus with possible lion's scalp, by David Vagi.                                Roman, tetrarchy
    Striking methods and striking errors in ancient Judaea, by Hendin  (What do striking errors tell us about minting methods?)
May 2006
     Faces of Empire, Part VI, by Cornelius Vermeule,  "Faces of recovery: Trajan Decius to Constantine the Great"    Roman
     Distinctive features of Kushan coins, Part II, by David Jongeward        Kushan
        A delta tigress (an animal on a coin of Gallienus), by Jim Phelps.       Roman
    17 Celtic fakes found, by Chris Rudd                Celtic
    Discussion of the "Tribute penny", by Hendin
June 2006  
    Mythology of Sicily
(long), by David Wrey            Greek
    Coins commemorate Croton's (Kroton) Pythian prizewinners, by Joseph Wihnyk (2/3 page)   Greek
    attending a major European auction, by Davis (comments on European auction estimates and how floor bidders have the advantage)        Collecting
    "A major new coin type...Yawn", by Hendin (on how hard it may be to identify coins and decide if they are new types)    Collecting
    book review, by Kerry Wetterstrom, of "Who Owns the Past?" edited by Kate Fitz Gibbon         collecting
July 2006
    Coins of the Greek Pentatholon, by Anthony F. Milavic            Greek, Roman provincial
    Taman Imitations --coins of the unknown people, by Dirk Faltin.   (The so-called "Gothic denarii")        Gothic, Taman, imitations
        A new Sidonian Chronology, by Alan S. DeShazo.   (an Alexander the Great tetradrachm die helps date the Alexanders from Sidon)    Greek
        A Constans II Cherson AE rarity 'unearthed', by Larry Gaye.  (Sear Byzantine 1146c)                    Byzantine
    A new coin confirms and old king--or was he a queen? by Chris Rudd. (Celtic stater of Inamn)            Celtic
        obituary of Joel Malter, by Mike Malter
    Comments on tooling, smoothing, and numismatic conservation, by Hendin            Collecting
August 2006
Images of Power and Glory on the Coinage of Trajan,  by Liladhar R. Pends.         Roman
The Titans: Hebrew Origins and Ancient Coinage, by Paul Goldstein.   (Hebrew Old Testament origins of Greek mythical figures)     Greek
    Faces of Empire, Part VII, by Cornelius Vermeule, "Western Twilight, Eastern Glory, 325 to 561."         Roman
        a long letter by William Malkmus on how to find specific gravity                                Collecting
    The "War of Quietus," by Hendin, repeating his Febuary 2000 column         Jewish, 115-117 AD, under Trajan           
        Types of Trajan (The Internet Connection column)            Roman
September 2006  
in Ancient Numismatic History
        Chemical composition of the so-called "Monneron" coins  (late Roman AE sometimes condemned as false, but found to be okay),
            fake bronze age British rings
November 2006  
    Coins and Icons
(late Roman and Byzantine), 
    Byzantine 101, Part 3
,  The Bronze Coinage of the Usurper Leontius (5th century AD)
    When the Mite became a Mite (Jewish)
December 2006  
Ninety years of Roman Republican Denarii 211-121 BC,  Why Experimental Archaeology is Important to Numismatics (experiments in methods of coin production)
    A Republican foot-note: The P. SVLA, SAFRA, and Mast-and-sail Aes Coins,
    The Tortoise of Aphrodite on Coins of Aigina,
    Collecting the 12 labors of Hercules,
    The Enigmas of Agrippa II (Jewish)

January 2007
    Faces of Empire, Part VIII: False faces, Renaissance Reworkings and Iconographic fantasies. Counterfeit Armenian coins. The Old Testament and Coins.  A New Coin Type of Herod Antipas (Jewish)
February 2007  An Introduction to the History and Coinage of the Medieval Balkans, Part I: Slovonia (Northern Croatia).  The Temples of Asklepios on Ancient Coins.
    Die Varieties, Die Combinations, and New Types (Jewish), The Evolution of Papal Coinage.
March 2007  Ancient Tipasa, A probable mint City in North Africa (Mauretania).  The Coins of Herod the Great: Discovering the Details
April 2007  Sacred Stones in Ancient Temples, A Quadrans for your Thoughts: Small Roman Imperial AE
The changing world of Numismatic Literature: Attributing Greek-Era coins-- Part I.  A study of one of the "exceptional" decradrachms of Athens.  Bronze test strike from the Bar Kochba war (Jewish). Future Value (What coins should I buy as a good investment?)
May 2007  Valerian and the Age of Chaos: Part I: Descent into Disorder.  
Important Auction Catalogs offering Archaic and Classical Greek Coins. The Changing World of Numismatic Literature: Attributing Greek-Era Coins--Part II.
    The beginning of weighing for commerce (Hendin).  Lysimachos portraits of Alexander as a divinity.  Book review of "The Medici Conspiracy: the Illicit Journey of Looted Antiquities from Tomb Raiders to the World's Greatest Museums" 
June 2007  Valerian and the Age of Chaos: Part II: Crisis and Recovery.  The Mashaka Coins of Ancient India.
A Coin of Kallipolis, Plato's Beautiful City.  The Buckingham Gold Hoard (Waddon Chase type British staters).  Book review of "The Early Dated Coins of Europe: 1234-1500".  Jesus and numismatics (Hendin).  Preparing to dispose of a coin collection upon death.
July 2007  Anepigraphic Bronze Coins of Constantine and Family.  
    Faces of Empire, Part IX: Imperium's First Face (Alexander the Great and the Successors).  Book review of "Ancient Scale Weights and Precoinage Currency of the Near East by David Hendin.  Chronology of Janneaus Coinage (Hendin).  Web site design.  Factors of Condition and Strike.
August 2007  Avidius Cassius: An Emperor without a coin? (Time of Lucius Verus) [more about this in a October letter].  Constantine III and the Collapse of Roman Coinage in Britian.
    "Sometimes you Just Want to Know More" (Learning about Greek Imperial coins, specifically of Dokimeion, Asia Minor).   Book review of "Silver Coinage of the Artaxiad Dynasty of Armenia.  Mirror-image Kleudoros monogram on coins of Neapolis.  New observations on tiny Yehud coins (Hendin). Attending coin shows. The advice of numismatic consultants.
September 2007  Portraits of Caligula: The Seated Figure?  Is the gold Porus medallion a lifetime portrait of Alexander the Great?
    A treaty between Sepphoris and Rome (Hendin).   Safes for coins.   Plants on coins.  A British Celtic rarity.
October 2007  Vespasian: A Simple Soldier, part I. The Bull, Myth and symbol on ancient coins.
    Further discussions of an interesting Yehud type (Hendin).  Coin storage.
November 2007  Roman coinage from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the naming of Augustus, 49-27 BC.  Vespasian: A Simple Soldier, part II.
    Book review of Roman Quinarii, by Cathy King. Defining the Judaea Capta series (Hendin).  Plans for disposing of your collection.

January 2008
  Alexander the Great prices
    First dated Jewish coin
Feburary 2008  The Burden of the Temple Tax (Jewish), Roman Republican silver coin weights,
    Barbarous/semi-offical/imitative coins
March 2008   History and Coinage of the Aetolian League, Roman Republican silver coinage: Silver content