SNG (Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum) Danish (Copenhagen), volume 8 (of the reprint), North Africa, plates 4 through 16 with 361 coins well-illustrated in black and white.

Greek Coins and Their Values, volume 2, by David Sear, pages 594-608 has 153 types with 55 illustrated.

Les Monnaies de l'Afrique Antique (480 av. .J.C. - 40 ap. J. C.) by Jacques Alexandropolis. 507 pages, 17 plates. Reviewed in NC 2003, pages 406-407.  The reviewer, Paulo Visona, thinks this is latest word, but finds many flaws with the layout and plates.


Carthigian Gold and Electrum Coins, by G. K. Jenkins and R. B. Lewis. 1963. Hardcover. RNS Special Publication 2. 130 pages plus 28 page plates natural size in B&W plus 10 page plates of enlargements.

Numismatique de L'Ancienne Afrique, by Falbe, Lindberg, and Muller (1860), with line drawings of all the types. It exits in an old (undated) Fourni reprint and modern photographic reprints (on Amazon).
The Forni reprint (200 copies printed) was in two large cardcover volumes, The original volumes I-II are in one reprint volume (175+188 pages+6 tables) and volume III and the supplement are in the second reprint volume 194+96+3 page plates. Volume I covers Cyrene (Kyrenaica). Volume II covers Syrtica, Byzacium, and Carthage (Zeugitana). Volume III covers Numidia and Mauritania. The supplement has a bit of everything.

BMC Greek does not have a volume with Carthage.

Hoover's "Handbook" series eventually will have a volume with Carthage, but it does not yet, as of June 2016.

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