Vows for year XV of Constantine
      on coins of Constantine and Licinius struck c. 318-319.

Vows are very common on coins minted under Constantine. One type is new to this period and is the first to mention year 15. It was minted under Constantine at Rome and issued in the names of all the co-rulers including his sons Crispus and Constantine II as well as Licinius and Licinius II.

Constantine (306-307-337). [Repeated from the main page.] 
AE3. 19-18 mm.
ROMAE AETERNAE around Roma seated right on shield, holding shield inscribed X/V 
R Q in exergue, P  R in fields (POPVLI ROMANI?)
RIC VII Rome 146 page 314 "318-19"

   (Additional examples of this type for co-rulers are below.)

Year 15.  The fifteenth year of Constantine's reign was 320 or 321 (Depending upon when he took his original vows, in 306 as Caesar or 307 as Augustus). Late Roman coins are dated by RIC as if the years were for vows suscepta taken for a five-year period and the terminal year is on the coin, not the year the vow was taken. Thus this coin is dated to 318-319, recording the vows taken in advance of the occasion for their fulfillment. 

This page continues with one example of each type that mentions year 15. The examples are linked to additional examples.

1)  Victory seated right holding shield inscribed XV, ROMAE A-ETERNAE around 
        Type 1 is the main type and by far the most common, but there are other rare "XV" types issued at the same time including
2)  VOT/XV FEL/XX/RT in wreath, and a similar type with a different legend break  (Type 2)
3)  VOT/XV/FEL/XX/RQ   (Type 3)
   Next  is another very rare type issued at the same time which mentions both years X and XV:
4)  VOT X/ET XV F/RP  (Type 4)



19 mm. 3.34 grams.

XX RT in wreath

RIC VII Rome 220, "r5, 320"
Failmezger 324v (XV FEL is on one line)

(An example for Licinius is below.)


 Type 3: VOT/XV/FEL/XX/RQ:

18 mm.
RQ in wreath

RIC VII Rome 214 "r5, 320"
Failmezger 324

(An example for Licinius is below.)



Type 4:  VOT X/ET XV F

[Also on the VOT X page]
Licinius II, 317-324
19 mm. 3.14 grams.
VOT X/ET XV F  "votis decennalibus et quindecennalibus felicibus"
R P 

RIC VII Rome 208 "r5 [r4 for officina S), 320"

   (see below for an example for Crispus)



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Type 1, the main type, was issued for all five rulers, including the Caesars.  Here are some additional examples.

Licinius, 308-324
19 mm. 3.42 grams.
R T in exergue

RIC VII Rome 151 variety (unlisted with "T") "318-319"
Failmezger 315


Licinius II
18 mm. 
R Q in exergue

RIC Rome 154 "r3 [with four other officina r3 or r4], 318-319"
Failmezger 315



Crispus, 317-326
19 mm. 3.91 grams.

RIC Rome 152 "r3, 318-319"
Failmezger 315



Constantine II, 317-337-340
19-18 mm. 3.63 grams.
R P(?) in exergue.

RIC VII Rome 156 "318-319"
Failmezger 315




Type 2, VOT/XV FEL/XX/RT for Licinius. 

19-18 mm. 3.47 grams.
XX RQ in wreath

RIC VII Rome 221 "r5, 320"
Failmezger 324




Type 3, VOT/XV/FEL/XX/RQ for Licinius. 

18-17 mm. 3.02 grams.
RQ in wreath
RIC VII Rome 215v ("r5" for P, this Q is unlisted) 



Type 4, VOT X/ET XV F/RP for Crispus: 

[Also on the VOT X page]
19-17 mm. 2.33 grams.
ET XV F   ["F" for "FEL"]
RP in wreath

RIC VII Rome 216 v [only officina S is listed, r5. This is P, unlisted] "320"
Failmezger 322



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