Vota Coins of Maxentius, 306-312

Maxentius struck "half-follis" vota types with "VOT X" and "VOT XX", one smaller denomination with "VOT QQ MVL XX" for the quinquenallia, and an extremely rare follis with "VOT X." 

Maxentius (306-307-312)
20 mm. 3.22 grams.
laureate head left
Victory inscribing a shield 
seated captive to left
R Q in exergue
Struck c. 310
RIC Rome 229



The VOT X types of Maxentius are apparently struck near his regnal year 5. 

Maxentius (306-307-312)
21 mm. 2.69 grams.
Similar, but with helmeted bust left holding spear forward and shield.

RIC Rome 230



The next coin has VOT XX, but is apparently from the same issue as the VOT X coins.

20 mm. 2.94 grams.
This is very similar to the first coin but from Ostia instead of Rome
and with VOT XX FEL instead of  VOT X.

RIC Ostia 62 "late 309-Oct. 312". 
This is from the same issue as the "VOT X" types. 



19 mm. 3.29 grams.
bust right in lion-skin headdress
RIC Rome 241 struck "c. 310."

Failmezger 174M3 plate 9 this coin.



There is also this smaller denomination:

Maxentius. A smaller denomination.
17 mm. 2.02 grams.
VOT QQ MVL XX  (QQ for quinquennalia)

The quinquennalia (QQ) is the 5-year celebration. 
RIC Rome 281c. Struck "c. 310-311".
So, this seems to be vows for 5 years paid and for 20 years taken. 
The coins of Maxentius seem to treat X and XX the same.  



There is an extremely rare follis:

An extremely rare full-sized follis.
It has the same legend as the 20-21 mm coins above, but is
25-24 mm and 6.97 grams.
Instead of Victory standing, it has Victory seated on a cuirass with shield behind and helmet in front.
MOSTP in exergue

RIC --. Drost's book on Maxentius mentions this coin.
Unique with officina P. One other is known with officina S.



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