Rarity of coins of Tripolis

Tripolis types range from common to extremely rare, but none are as common as many of the common types of the emperors from Aurelian through Maximian. The relevant volumes of RIC were written in 1927 and 1933 -- their rarity ratings are out-of-date. The current rarity is hard to gauge because most types are not valuable enough to warrant photographic publication in sale catalogs. However, inspection of hoards at coin shows, and on-line sales, suggests coins of Tripolis are only a small fraction of the abundant coins of these emperors.

Aurelian    scarce, the left-facing RIC 390 is rare
Probus      common
Tacitus      rare to very rare. The "IA" type is extremely rare.
Florian     (none)
Carus       scarce
Carinus    scarce
Numerian    scarce
Diocletian    scarce. The "G" and "GG" varieties seem about equally scarce. The VICTORIA AVG reverse is scarcer.
Maximian    rare

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