References about coins of the Roman wars against Persia

References are in order of importance for coin collectors, not in alphabetical order.


Foss, Clive. Roman Historical Coins. 1990. Hardcover. 335 pages with life-size B&W coin photos throughout, averaging about one coin photo per page.  [A very good book because it lists virtually all Roman imperial coin types that are issued because of a specific event.] 

[RIC] Roman Imperial Coinage, volumes 3 through 5.  [These are old but still the most-frequently cited references.]

[BMC RomanCoins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum, volumes 3 - 6. 

BMC Greek, Mesopotamia. 1922, reprinted 1988.   

[Sear] Sear, David. Roman Coins and their Values, volumes II [Nerva through the Severans] (2002) and III [Maximinus Thrax up to the tetrarchy] (2005).

Roman Provincial Coinage on-line:   Everything about coins of Parthia. For a complete list of Parthian-related Roman coins, including those that only mention Parthia in the obverse legend, see its page:  (Roman coins are mostly not illustrated or discussed).

Sellwood, David. An Introduction to the Coinage of Parthia, second edition. 1980, Hardcover. 322 pages plus 10 page plates with all the silver types, and line drawings of key features throughout. 

Shore, Fred. Parthian Coins and History: Ten Dragons against Rome, 1993. Hardcover. 482 types of Parhian silver coins illustrated after 87 pages of text with many photos within. [Unfortunately, this is in very high demand and very expensive.]

Sellwood, David and P. Whitting and R. Williams. An Introduction to Sasanian Coins. 1985. Hardcover. 178 pages plus 8 plates of B&W coin photos.

Castelin, Karel O. The coinage of Rhesaena in Mesopotamia. 1946. ANSNNM #146. Cardcover. Very small format. 111 pages plus 13 page plates of coins plus 4 plates of artwork.

SNGs  Of course, some coins of Roman Mesopotamia are in SNGs, but all SNGs are without commentary.

Slocum, John. "Another look at coins of Hatra." ANSMN 22, 1977, pages 37-47 and plates 6-7.



Dodgeon, Michael and Samuel Lieu, editors. The Roman Eastern Frontier and the Persian Wars, AD 226-363, A Documentary History. 1191. 431 page paperback of translated sources and commentary. Arranged chronologically. Very interesting. Read what ancient authors said about the conflicts, and learn when they wrote and what we now think about what they wrote. 

[F]  Farrokh, Dr. Kaveh. Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War. 2007. Hardcover. 320 pages. Many color photos and maps. [The best modern source I found.]

The next four are all very good (and large) books on the eastern regions of the Roman empire.

Ball, Warwick. Rome in the East. 2001

Butcher, Kevin. Roman Syria and the Near East. 2003

Millar, Fergus. The Roman Near East: 31 BC - AD 337. 1993

[S] Sartre, Maurice. The Middle East Under Rome (Translated by Catherine Porter and Elizabeth Rawlings). 2005. Hardcover. 665 pages. Some illustrations. [The first 150 pages are chronological history. The rest is about life, economy, and culture and not about wars. There are eight pages devoted to Roman imperial and provincial coins and others about taxes.]

Grant, Michael. A Guide to the Ancient World. 1986, reprinted 1997 by Barnes on Noble. Hardcover. 728 pages. [History of places organized alphabetically. For example, it has one page about Nisibis. It has no photos and no emphasis on coins.] 

Jones, A. H. M. The Cities of the Eastern Roman Provinces. Second Edition, 1971. Hardcover. 595 pages and numerous maps. 

Dio, Cassius. Roman History (c. AD 155-235) 

Coins, lesser sources: 

Butcher, Kevin. Roman Provincial Coins.  A wonderful thin book which I love, but it has very little about Mesopotamia (on page 104).

Emmett, Keith. Alexandrian Coins. 2001. Hardcover. 332 pages including 13 page plates of line drawings and photos of each ruler throughout. [This is the up-to-date and (nearly) complete book on coins of Roman Alexandria. They have almost nothing to do with Roman wars against Persia.]

Karlsson, Yngve. Sasanaian Silver Coins. 2015.  Hardcover. 136 pages including maps and photos of all the types. 

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