References for the coinage of Maximinus I, Roman emperor AD 235-238.

BMC VI, Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum, volume VI, by R.A.G. Carson. 1962
    A well-illustrated comprehensive list of types with extensive discussion. The most important source.  Combine it with Casey's redating of the earliest issues.

RIC IV, part I. Roman Imperial Coinage, by Mattingly and Sydenham. 1938
    This was an important catalog, but is now superceded by BMC, which is both more up-to-date and far better illustrated.

Casey, James B. "Accession silver of Maximinus Thrax, A.D. 235," The Celator, August 1996, pages 6-8, 9-11, 14. (17 coin photos)

Sear, David. Roman Coins and their Values, III, subtitled, "The accession of Maximinus I to the death of Carinus, AD 235-285."
    This is the most-cited collector's reference.


Duncan-Jones, Richard. Money and Government in the Roman Empire, 1994.
    Chapter 9 discusses the year-by-year output during reigns (but not Maximinus in particular).

Reka-Devnia hoard (Le Tresor Numismatique de Reka-Devnia (Marcianopolis)), by N.A. Mouchmov, 1934.
    The gives numbers of coins of each type in the largest recorded hoard of the period. There were 1721 silver coins of Maximinus. Unfortunately, in those days they did not distinguish portrait types, so it cannot be used to tell the relative frequency of the early, big chin, and late styles except insofar as distinguishable by obverse legend. However, if the reverse type is rare in the hoard, we can assume it is fairly rare. The rarities are LIBERALITAS AVG (6 pieces), PM TRP IIII PP (1 piece, but I have seen several examples recently),  and VOTIS DECENNALIBUS (1 piece). In contrast, the commonest type, SALVS AVGVSTI, occurs in 418 pieces.

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