Constantine as Caesar and FIL AVG on coins.  Comments for collectors.

The article illustrates coins of 8 Roman rulers. Very nice representative examples of each ruler can be bought in 2010 for between $20 (for a small Constantine) and $100 (for a medium-grade follis of Severus II, the scarcest of the eight emperors). Coins comparable in condition and type to most of the illustrated coins other than the FIL AVG types could be found for $50 - $150. The FIL AVG types cost more, say $100 - $175, and still more for the unusually nice and rare Antioch example. Abdication pieces such Diocletian's Coin 1A might cost about $200 in excellent condition. If you are willing to sacrifice a bit of condition, all the coin types can cost less, or very much less.  [Prices as of early 2011.]

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