Concordance of Sear's Byzantine Coins and Their Values, second edition to his first.
   The main page uses Sear's second edition numbers.
    Note that Berk numbers cite Sear numbers from the first edition, not the second edition. To see which coin Berk really means when it is not pictured, find the cited Sear number in the right column here and find the current second edition number in the left column. In spite of the addition to the second edition of some new Byzantine types, Sear managed to arrange for most of the numbers to remain the same, but some differ by 1 or 2.

Second edition (left column)
        to first edition (right column)

Justin I
112A-C  (unlisted)
Justinian I
197  same
197A   (unlisted)
603-611  same
926  928
Constans II
1145c  1146
Michael III
1699  same
1700  same
1701  (unlisted)
Basil I
1717  1716            [S1717 is under Basil II on this website]
1718  (unlisted)      [S1718 is under Romanus II on this website]
1719  1717 (no pellets beside the B) and 1718 (pellets on either side of the B)
1720  1719
Leo VI
1731-1734 same
1739  same             [S1739 is under Michael III on this website]
Constantine VII and Romanus I
1763-1772  same         [S1764 and S1765 are under Romanus III or later on this website. S1767 is under Romanus II on this website. One variety of S1771 is listed under Constantine VII as in Sear, but another is listed under Leo VI on this website]
Romanus II
1775  same             [S1775 is under Constantine VII and Romanus I on this website]
Nicephorus II
1784  same
John I
1794  same
Basil II
1814  1813

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