Additional reference works with coins of Byzantine Cherson

The primary references are given on the main page.

Ratto, Monnaies Byzantines, sale catalog of 9 Dec. 1930, reprinted by Schulman 1959

Esty    Ratto  emperor   Sear
ES11  687    Justinian   S193
ES14  1778  Justin II   S605 Maurice
E14    1853  Basil I   S1719
E14    1854  Basil I   S1719
E13    1856  Basil I   S1720
E43/5 1889  Romanus IV   S1764  Romanus I
E27    1891  Romanus I    S1775 Romanus II
E22    1904  Constantine VII   S1771
E30    1910  Con VII and Romanus I   S1772
E31    1916  Romanus II   S1767  Romanus I
E36    1966  Basil II   S1814
E36    1967  Basil II (retrograde obverse)  S1814