AE2's From Constantinople or Cherson?

NC 1995 does not decide if the CON mintmarked AE2 coins of Theodosius II and Valentinian III were struck at Cherson. They conclude with these observations:
1)  Provenences of all 150 (almost all poor condition) specimens are from the region of Cherson.
2)  There is a mint in Cherson 90 years later under Justin I.
3)  Inscriptions are blundered and the style is barbarous.
4)  The fabric is unusual yellow bronze and the strikes are poor.
5)  Coins for the Constantinople mint show rough style and blundered legends.
6)  Other evidence suggests 5th century mint-marks mean what they say; it is the 6th century when major exceptions occur.
7)  The "TES" mintmark recorded by Sabatier (and the basis for many subsequent thoughts about this type) has not come to light and must have been a misreading.

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