Constans II (641-668) 

two figures
cross between
figure, K
A-- S1145c B714
G-- DO (210)
S: "extremely rare"
DO no photo

Hahn (NCirc, 1978) knew of only 3 examples. He is certain that it has "KB" and not "XB" as Morrison read one example. The example here is much clearer and makes it certain. In 2007 Sidorenko was able to illustrate 15 examples. If it is from Cherson or Kerch, it is their last major die-struck type. Almost all later coins are cast.
   However, recent arguments convince me this type was struck in Constantinople and shipped to the Crimea. It is quite similar to regular Constantinople types (such as Sear 1011 and 1014) and not at all similar to other types undoubtedly from Cherson.

After this type, there is a long gap until the late 8th century with no coins from Cherson. The next type attributable to a particular emperor belongs to Theophilus.

Constans IIConstans II 
Formerly private collection, now at DO. 

26 mm. 5.99 gr. die axis 7:00.

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