Constans II (641-668) 
two figures
cross between
figure, K
A-- S1145c B714
G-- DO (210)
S: "extremely rare"
DO no photo
Hahn (NCirc, 1978) knew of only 3 examples. He is certain that it has "KB" and not "XB" as Morrison read one example. The example here is much clearer and makes it certain.  This is the last major die-struck type from Cherson (assuming it is from Cherson). Almost all later coins are cast.
After this type, there is a long gap until the late 8th century with no coins from Cherson. The next type attributable to a particular emperor belongs to Theophilus.

Constans IIConstans II 
Private collection
26 mm. 5.99 gr. die axis 7:00.

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