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Newest: Super Trajan/hem hem crown. Nice Claudius 25 mm/eagle.

Claudius, 41-54 AD.
26-25 mm.
Good portrait/eagle





[$44, reduced to $35]  Roman Alexandria, Egypt.
Vespasian (69-79).  21 mm.
Falcon [Horus] (Emmett 222 says "hawk" but we know Egyptians had falcons.)
"Hawk standing right, wings closed, wearing Skhent crown" 


TTrajan, 98-117 AD
small dichalcon. 11 mm.
poor obverse/elephant reverse, LI Δ above
Emmet 701 "R5".
Very, very rare, but terrible obverse. The reverse (the interesting part) is visible. If it were nice all around, it would cost far more. [$49, reduced to $25, reduced to $19]



Trajan, at Roman Alexandria. Small. 13-11 mm. 1.35 grams. Small coin of Roman Egypt.
hem-hem crown of gypt
Emmett 707, year 17, rarity 4.
Milne 710 "crown of Harpokrates, hem-hem"
Celator, Jan. 2003, editor's column page 2 and Feb. 2003, David Liebert's column, p. 43,50.
This is a super example. Look at that portrait! Look at the clarity of everything and the perfect patina. Very high quality.  [$75 SOLD]




Hadrian, 117-138 AD.
dichalcon. 14 mm.
his head right/pomegranate
struck for the Pelusium nome.
Good portrait. Some letters, which is about as good as they come. Emmett 1321
Nome coins are rare [$149, reduced to $75, reduced to $65]




Antoninus Pius. 138-161.
Large AE34. Milne 2293 var. year 18.
eagle standing front, wings half spread, head left   LI   H
Ex. Berk, August 2000.  [$129, reduced to $65, reduced to $55]




Gordian III, 238-244, of Roman Alexandria
Emmertt 3401 (rarity 1) page 170
eagle standing left, head right
Sear 3.8832 variety with year S for B.
Unusual lovely reddish surface color  [$39, reduced to $29]



[$59] Gallienus (253-268)
struck at Roman Alexanderia, Egypt
Tetradrachm, year 13
Quite nice. [$59, reduced to $55]








[$65] Salonina, wife of Gallienus
Struck at Roman Alexandria, Egypt
22-21 mm. 10.35 grams
Year 13 = 265/6
Sear 10713, no photo.
Emmett 3853
Nice surfaces and details. [$74, reduced to $65]
With Pegasi ticket at $275!





Claudius II 268-270. 20 mm. 8.23 grams.
Year 3. Sear 11423  [$19, reduced to $16 SOLD]


Aurelian/eagle. 20 mm. 7.76 grams. Year 6 = 274/5. Emmett 3923. BMC 2362.
Ex Rath April 1974.
Excellent highly-detailed portrait [$39, reduced to $29]



Maximian, 286-305. 17 mm. Elpis (Spes) standing left, holding flower. SGI --. BMC 2556.
Emmett 4114. rust color. small, but not light. 7.88 grams.
ex Terry July 1982, lot 150.  [$25, reduced to $18]





Maximian, 286-305 AD.
Nike right. Year Gamma = 3.
Emmett 4147.
BMC 2573
19 mm.   [$33, reduced to $25 SOLD]

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