BCD Catalogs for sale  (Greek Coins)  [of mainland Greece; not coins of Sicily, Italy, or Asia Minor]

    Here is a list of all the catalogs featuring parts of the BCD collection of Greek coins, listed in chronological order. There are ten catalogs devoted to BCD coins. A few others, listed below the horizontal dividing line, were regular catalogs that included much smaller number of BCD coins. 
    All ten in very nice condition and including PRs.  

The ones grayed out below have sold and are no longer available. 

Munzen von Korinth  Lanz 105, 26 Nov 2001.
Munzen von Euboia  Lanz 111, 25 Nov 2002.
Coins of Olympia  Leu 90, 10 May 2004.
Boiotia  Triton IX, 10 January 2006
Coins of Peloponnesos  Leu 96, 8-9 May 2006.
Akarnanien und Aetolien  M&M 23, 18 Oct 2007
Thessaly  Nomos 4, 10 May 2011
Thessaly  Triton XV, 3 January 2012
also includes
Coins of the Peloponnesos Part II, CNG 81/2, 20 May 2009.
Ten catalogs in all, making a complete set of the published BCD sales.  More details about them next. 

For sale at $200 for the four remaining catalogs + $12 shipping in the US only. The set of ten has sold at $500 before and now the set would be very difficult to assemble. I'm a little sorry I broke my set up, but someone already had four and I sold him all but those. 

Lanz 105  (26 Nov. 2001) "BCD Corinth" 981 ancient coins of Corinth. An important collection and catalog. MV. MQP.
    Greek Corinth  (981)

Lanz 111 (25 Nov. 2002) "BCD Euboia" MV. MQP. 604 Greek coins of Euboia. THE catalog for Euboia.
    Greek Euboia (604)

Leu 90  (May 10, 2004) HV, HQP "BCD Olympia Collection" 345 lots of one city, Olympia also known as Elis.  [$60 plus fees from CNG
    Olympia Elis (345)

CNG 71 was Triton IX (CNG alone) (2006, Jan. 10) in two volumes. Volume 1 is the BCD collection of coins of  Greek Boiotia (Boeotia), which includes Thebes. This is now the definitive catalog for this region of Greece, superseding the BMC catalog. With outstanding commentary, it is far more than just a sale catalog.  MV. MQP. 630 lots in B&W (not color), with some enlargements. 
    Boiotia, Boeotia (630)

   (Volume 2 of Triton IX is not included because it is not BCD coins. (2006, Jan, 10-11) HV, HQP. 1043 ancients among 1694, all in color, many with one-sided enlargements. 20 Celtic, 14 ancient Britain, 220 G, 50 Alexander II, 54 early G electrum and gold, 57 Seleukid, 8 Jewish, 4 Arabia, 15 Ptolemies, 21 Parthia, 27 Baktria, 72 India, 31 Sasanian, 12 Huns, 114 RR, 249 RI, 2 DA, 57 Byz.)

Leu 96  (2006, May 8-9) MV. HQP. "Coins of Peloponnesos, The BCD Collection." Hardcover. 423 pages. 1775 lots of ancients from the Greek Peloponnesos. B&W photos. Only a few enlargements. This is the definitive catalog which supercedes BMC by far. It is far more than a sale catalog -- it is the most thorough and up-to-date catalog with extensive commentary from two great scholars (BCD and ASW). It does not include coins of Corinth (the BCD collection was sold in Lanz 105 which is an essential reference for Corinth) and the selection from Olympia/Elis is very good, but not complete because most BCD pieces from Olympia/Elis were sold in Leu 90 (listed above).  A separate index is available, here.  [One on vcoins for $95:  https://www.vcoins.com/fr/stores/kirk_davis/45/product/bcd_coins_of_the_peloponnesos_the_bcd_collection_lhs_96/109368/Default.aspx . Others have sold for less.]
    Greek Peloponnesos (1775)  

M&M GMBH (Weil am Rhein) 23  (2007, Oct. 18) "Sammlung BCD, Akarnanien and Aetolien" 591 lots, most AE, of an extremely important collection which includes many low-grade and AE rarities of scholarly importance in addition to the finest AR. This is as near to complete as a modern collection could be. A major reference for the regions. [Long ago I sold one for $55, even though it is not a gorgeous catalog.] 
    Greek Akarania (Acarania) and Aetolia (591)     [General collectors of Greek AR and Greek AE may not need such a detailed reference, but it is essential for AR and AE of the region]

CNG 81 (2009, May 20) was in two volumes. (81/1 has 1332 ancients among 1473, is not included)  81/2 is Part II of "The BCD Collection of Coins of the Peloponnesos" with 921 lots including 167 RP.  81/1 has 100 Tarentum from the "Colin E. Pitchfork collection of Tarentine Coinage" 58 of Lysimachos, 75 Alexander the Great, 80 Thessaly, 133 RP, 81 RR, 180 RI, 61 Byz including AE, 3 DA, 6 Crusaders, 22 Turkoman AE, 4 Arabic, 76 British ("The Dr. William F. Blank Collection of British Celtic Coinage")  [The BCD part is still available from CNG for $20]
    BCD Peloponnesis (921)Tarentum (100), Lysimachos (58), Alexander the Great (75), Thessaly (80), British Celtic (76)

NAC 55 (2010, Oct. 8) "The BCD Collection, Lokris - PhokisHardcover. Superb reference work, written by BCD himself, with very extensive commentary and extremely thorough coverage of this narrow area of Greek coinage. The definitive work. 475 lots, many with multiple coins. Many lots have the finest known of the silver type, or are some copper rarity, or have something else special to recommend them. BCD was as complete with respect to copper as he was with respect to silver. Magnificent, not for end-to-end highly valuable coins (although some are), but for its value as a scholarly reference work.  [One sold on vcoins for $90: https://www.vcoins.com/en/stores/charles_davis/44/product/numismatica_ars_classica_bcd_collection_lokris__phokis/459501/Default.aspx 
    Greek Lokris and Phokis (475)

Nomos 4  (2011, May 10)  VHV. VHQP.  Hardcover. "Coins of Thessaly, the BCD Collection"  437 of the highest quality and rarest coins of Thessaly. This catalog is a treat to read with cataloging by Walker often followed by comment by BCD, who know these coins as well as anybody. A major reference.  The rest of his Thessaly collection was sold in Triton XV [listed next]. [I didn't find this for sale, but I did find one sold in the past for 27 GBP.]
     Greek Thessaly (437)

(CNG) Triton XV (2012, Jan. 3) "BCD Thessaly" "Sessions 1 and 2) (There are two other bound parts). This part is hardcover with 1000 lots of "Coins of Thessaly, the BCD Collection" 1000 lots, many with multiple coins. It is BCD 8 and completes BCD's Thessaly collection from which many top coins were offered in Nomos 4. With superb scholarly and informative cataloging, these will be the reference works for Greek coins of Thessaly for years to come, superseding any other reference work.  
    Thessaly (1000),  [CNG still has this for $75] 
 (Sessions 3&4 and 5 are not included. I have them, but they are ot BCD coins.) Sessions 3-4 look more like a typical Triton catalog, with 636 lots of high-value ancient coins plus 76 English hammered coins ("The Marshall Faintish Collection") among 941 lots.  374 G, 66 high-quality RP, 44 RR, 85 RI, 1 spectacular contorniate, 5 DA, 84 Byz, 9 early Islamic, 20 pre-1500 dated medieval coin.)  English hammered (76)
   (Session 5 of Triton XV is in a slim volume "Masterpieces of Ancient Greek Coinage: Selections from Cabinet W [Dr. Arnold-Peter Weiss]" which has only 19 lots but all of the very highest quality and presented beautifully. This volume has coins of the highest average value of any catalog ever.)


[NOT offered here, but included for completeness, are the following notes on BCD coins.]


Some lesser BCD sales where the catalog was not devoted to BCD coins.

CNG 72 (2006, June 14)  MV. HQP. 2308 ancients, all in color with some enlargments, plus 190 lots of antiquities. 55 Celtic, 946 Greek (including BCD Boiotia, Part II, of 139 lots), 126 Oriental G, 146 RP, 78 RR, 609 RI, 252 Byz, 17 Ostrogoths, 24 Visigoths, 24 DA, 4 Aksum, 6 Islamic, 3 Crusaders, 17 Armenian, 47 English sceattas, 8 English. Auction 72 had a second volume, 55 pages of literature only. [Still available from CNG for $25]
    BCD Boiotia, Part II (139)

CNG 73  (2006, Sept. 13) 1130 ancients among 1311, all in color with some enlargements, plus 460 book lots. facing heads collection of David Herman, 541 G (including "Boeotia [sic], Further Selections from the BCD Collection," 58 pieces), 45 Oriental Greek, 98 ships on coins (G, R, RP, Alexandre Barros collection), 79 RP, 53 RR, 214 RI, 40 Byz, 5 Aksum, 2 Crusader, 41 high grade Turkoman bronze, 9 English  [Still available from CNG for $25]
    facing heads (many), ships on coins (98), Turkoman bronze (41), 
"Boeotia [sic], Further Selections from the BCD Collection," (58)

CNG 74 is Triton X (CNG alone) (2007, Jan. 9-10)  HV. VHQP. 911 ancients among 1480.  All in color, many with at least one side enlarged. 8 Celtic, 454 G (including many Greek facing busts from the David Hermann collection, and "Further Selections from BCD Boiotia" 43 excellent pieces ), 33 India, 10 Sasanian, 49 RR, 272 RI, 43 Byz, 25 DA, 4 Aksum AV, 4Arab-Sasanian, 7 Anglo-Saxon [Still available from CNG for $40]
    Greek facing heads from the David Hermann collection (many), 
"Further Selections from BCD Boiotia" (43)

CNG 75  (2007, May 23)  HV. HQP.  1342 ancients among 1533, plus books. All in color, many with at least one side enlarged in color. 5 Celtic, 672 Greek (including 108 Boeotia, BCD collection pieces), 43 India, 24 Sasanian, 26 Huns, * Central Asia, 109 RP, 76 RR, 193 RI (including 14 cistophori of Hadrian), 25 Byz, 6 DA, 4 Aksum AV, 7 Islamic, 3 Mongols, 140 Anglo-Saxon (The "Beowulf Collection:, all with at least one side enlarged) [Still available from CNG for $25]
    Anglo-Saxon, the "Beowulf Collection" 140, Huns (26), Boeotia (more from the) BCD collection (108)

For completeness, I mention this next catalog which has some new common-type BCD coins and a few major pieces offered a second time.
CNG 82 (2009, Sept. 16) 1219 ancients among 1402. 134 "Dr. William F. Blank Collection of Celtic Coinage," 102 "Colin E. Pitchfork Collection of the Coinage of Metapontum", 45 tetradrachms of Lysimachos, 48 Macedonian regal coinage, 30 oriental Greek, 30 central Asian, 433 other Greek, 73 RP, 66 RR,  118 RI,  63 "Migration era coinage from the Giambia collection," 10 Byz, 19 Merovingian, 30 coins of the first and second Bulgarian empires.  Some BCD coins of Sikyon, Argos, etc. with a few major pieces sold a second time, 11 British [Still available from CNG for $40]
    Celtic (134), Metapontum (102), Lysimachos (45), Dark ages (63)Bulgarian (30)

That completes the list of "BCD" sales. No more BCD sales are planned.


BCD did not collect Athens silver and his AE of Athens was sold anonymously in CNG 50 and 51
CNG 50  (6/99)  mbs. 1904 ancients among 2064.  630 G, 113 RP, 8 Celtic denarii, 156 RR, 366 RI AE including 10 contorniates and 24 medallions (Vermuelle collection), 38 fake seseterii and Becker's, 414 RI, 15 DA, 51 Byz, 5 Celtic England, 4 Anglo-Saxon, 13 pennies.  BCD lots #688-756
    Zodiac drachms of Roman Egypt (12)Athens AE (69), Athens New Style (81), Roman mediallions (24), contorniates (10)
CNG 51  (9/99)  mbs.  1816 ancients among 1951. 804 G, 214 RP, 123 RR, 413 RI, 5 DA, 233 Byz, 7 Celtic England, 8 pennies. BCD lots 303-331 and 1970-1979
    Greek AE of Sicily (c. 83), Athens AE (28), Ionian electrum (16), Kroisos (14), Armenia (47)

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